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#0828: Private Maaagggleeeozzzzeeeee

Original Air Date: 07.12.2008
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How to drive your co-workers crazy.

Call 1

Holly Rendle (Dorchester, Massachusetts) - 1997 Volvo 850

The transmission is hard to shift, until she steps hard on the brake or pulls up on the brake with her foot.

Call 2

Byron Marshall (Pineville, Louisiana) - 1997 Buick Century

A suspension question. When he stops, there's a clunk sound, and everything except the wheels seems to move.

Call 3

Lis Harvey (Madison, Wisconsin) - 1995 Toyota Corolla

Folk singer on a 50-state tour. She borrowed a friend's car, and made a promise to use Mobil One synthetic oil.

Call 4

Segrig Schneider (Leesburg, Virginia) - 1994 Nissan Altima

Oil leak. Mechanic said leaking at timing cover and seal, would cost $742.30 to fix. Leak is pretty slow now, can she not fix it, and just keep adding oil? Should probably get it fixed, because leak will get worse. Tom suggests trying

Call 5

Todd Pacofsky (, Washington) - 1995 Volkswagen Golf

A suspension question. He hears a "clunk" when he reverses and turns to the left. Likely a bad axle.

Call 6

Anna Barrett (, Pennsylvania) - 1999 Toyota Camry

A driving/relationship question. Her husband takes curves too quickly, and it makes the tires squeal. He brakes as he's turning.

Call 7

Bill Geary (Henderson, Kentucky) - 1993 Nissan Pickup

A question about a noise. It sounds like mice under the hood. Only when accelerating, or braking. Is it a belt? Not likely, because belt would make noise when truck

Call 8

Evan Botwick (, New Jersey) - 2000 Saab 9-5

An exhaust question. Their 3-year-old son put a golf ball in the exhaust pipe.