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#0829: Max and the Schnauzer

Original Air Date: 07.19.2008
Show Open Topic

Ray's misadventure on the exercise bike.

Call 1

Doug DeYoung (Lawrenceville, Georgia)

cv joints. They are worn, does he really need to replace them? Car makes "baseball card in spokes" noise on left turns. Tom and Ray say eventually, the tire will stop moving. For safety sake, he should replace.

Call 2

Amy (Boca Raton, Florida)

Driving. Her husband has trouble keeping car straight, tends to head for median. He gets mad when she screams in horror. What else can she do? He's using "best defense is a good offense" approach, so her getting mad will only make him more defensive. Guys suggest she insist on driving. Change ignition lock so his key doesn't work, or pretend to get carsick when he drives.

Call 3

Marisa Rogers (, New York)

Brakes. Noise that started after mechanic changed pads and turned. First a grinding when she stepped on brakes, now a squeak that goes away when she steps on brakes.Guys say rotors need to be replaced. They can't be machined to remain true.

Call 4

Mike Treptik (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

engine. The car is down a quart of oil every 250 miles. Doesn't see a leak, or lots of smoke, where's it going? Ray says it's being burned. If he's lucky, just bad guide valve seals. If he's unlucky, needs a ring job.

Call 5

Paula (, California)

head gasket. She's selling the truck. The buyer had it tested, and there were wrong color fumes from radiator, diagnosis: blown head gasket. Buyer chickened out. Her mechanic did compression test, checked head, said it's fine. Is it okay? Tom and Ray say she should get a 3rd test done, using exhaust gas analyzer.

Call 6

Max Cohen (, California)

Story of the dead schnauzer. A woman drops off car, he discovers her pet schnauzer has died, tries to replace it. Finds another dog, turns out she'd been taking hers to the pet cemetery. Now he needs to find a new home for the new schnauzer.