Show Rundown

#0830: The Tollbooth Fugitive

Original Air Date: 07.26.2008
Show Open Topic

How to sing the Blues.

Call 1

Larry Allen (, Georgia)

Suspension. The car vibrates between 35-45 mph, or going uphill.Ray says it's likely a bad motor mount, or loose sub-frame.

Call 2

Gail (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Ethical. She realized too late that she was in the Exact Change lane on a toll bridge. Evaded the toll, now feels guilty. Tom and Ray call the toll bridge police.

Call 3

Elaine (Clifton, New Jersey)

Heat. There's heat pouring in from the dash. The dealer says that nothing's wrong. Tom and Ray think the heating doors aren't closing, so it's like the heat's always on.

Call 4

Dennis Foley (Paris, Missouri)

Transmission. It pops out of 5th gear, using a bungee cord to keep it in. Mechanic says it's worn 5th gear cluster. Can he keep driving with the bungee for another 200k miles? Tom and Ray say no, eventually bungee won't work, and he may start losing other gears. Need to replace the clutch.

Call 5

JoAnne McBroom (Texarkana, Texas)

A driving question. She's trying to teach her 18-yr.-old son and 15 yr.-old daughter to drive standard but she gets whiplash every time they get car moving. Guys talk about teaching Alex to drive stick. Ray suggests telling kids get the car moving from a dead stop with the clutch instead of the gas.

Call 6

Paul Longacre (Bartow, Pennsylvania)

Electric brakes. When pulling his cattle trailer if he puts on flashers, it engages brakes. Ray suggests problem is in brake light bulb.

Call 7

Barbara Dickson (Montrose, Colorado)

Mechanic. She has a crush on her mechanic and needs a reason to go visit him. Guys suggest loosening one spark plug connection, so she can go and complain it's running lousy.