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#0831: The Andy Letter

Original Air Date: 08.02.2008
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Quotes from real-life Dilbert-types in management.

Call 1

Chuck Florence (Watertown, New York)

Stalling--when he starts it, rpm

Call 2

Melissa Peterson (, Washington)

Calling to say she still hates the guys, but wants their help. Starting college, bought a motor scooter. Dad thinks it

Call 3

Kathy (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Tranny--after driving at high speed, if she shifts into reverse, takes a while, then clunks into gear. If she

Call 4

Andras Bartha (, Tennessee)

Engine--lost oil pressure, had valves fixed, camshaft bearings and oil pump replaced, spent $1200. Now, when engine heats up, engine quits and oil pressure drops. Guys who did the job should have also replaced main and connecting rod bearings--now, engine

Call 5

Melissa Burns (, Pennsylvania)

diagreement with Mom. Melissa uses overdrive on her Hyundai, Mom doesn

Call 6

Sofia Chaknis (, Massachusetts)

suspension...if someone

Call 7

Kathy Hanson (Phoenix, Arizona)

brakes... brake fluid reservoir was nearly empty, so husband filled it. Dealer says fluid was low because brakes are halfway worn down, and the fluid is in the spaces between calipers and brake pads. True? Yes, that

Call 8

Brian Quinn (, Massachusetts)

animals... son let a garter snake loose in the car. Crawled into glove compartment. Now wife won