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#0832: Mechanic Custody

Original Air Date: 08.09.2008
Show Open Topic

Turning vehicle emissions into diamonds.

Call 1

Mark Silver (, California) - 1993 Volkswagen Jetta

An engine question. He's getting big, black puff of smoke when he starts the car, and it rattles. Sounds like a classic case of a leaky fuel injector.

Call 2

Sarah Martin (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - 1982 Volvo 240

Just broke up with boyfriend after he was seen kissing another woman. Her mechanic, Patrick at West Cork Auto, gives them both a good deal on repairs--should she tell mechanic they've split, so he'll stop giving the boyfriend a break? Guys say "Yes", and offer to do it for her. Call mechanic on air, he says he'll stop working on boyfriend's car.

Call 3

Liberty Leeds (Boise, Idaho) - 1990 Nissan 240SX

steering wheel... shakes badly at speeds between 35 - 70. Been doing if for months. Dangerous--could be ball joint, etc--tire about to fall off. Get it looked at immediately. Don't drive it, have it towed.

Call 4

Kathy/Cathy (, )

Stump the Chumps on Tom's claim in Show 0045 and encore 0831 that he's never gotten a "C/K" wrong on a Cathy/Kathy.

Call 5

RIch (Denver, ) - 1996 Chevrolet Pickup

When he turns the key to the run position, he hears a clicking sound, which seems to be coming from under the seat. Tom and Ray weren't sure, after learning the car doesn't have ABS or an retractable antenna.

Call 6

Tom Borden (Half Moon Bay, California) - 1981 Toyota Pickup

engine.... makes a sputtering noise, loss of power when accelerating. Could be one of any number of secondary ignition items, all of which he's replaced, except the coil. So, guys suggest it's lthe coil--can buy an ohmeter to test the coil, or just replace it.

Call 7

Diane Kozakevitch (, New York) - 1983 BMW 530

Rebuild... her hubby's pride-and-joy...he's a lawyer, and wants to re-build it so it'll be ready for their 12-year old son to drive. It's now residing at his parents' farm. She wants to dump it. Guys say let him do it, he'll work off stress, learn new words, etc...