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#0833: I Got Your GPS Right Here, Mr. Funny Man!

Original Air Date: 08.16.2008
Show Open Topic

Actual lines from resumes.

Call 1

Amy Parker (East Canton, Ohio) - 1992 Honda Civic

An electrical/ignition question. When she starts car she has to hold the entire ignition plate and the key in order to get car started. Been doing it since she got the car 9 years ago. Someone told her it"s a Honda security feature. Guys say that"s bogus--either ignition switch needs to be replaced, or cylinder and lock. She can also just live with it, but at some point, she may not be able to turn the key at all.

Call 2

Thomas Kelahan (Hooksett, New Hampshire) - 1994 Nissan Altima

A driving/safety question. He"s 13-years-old. Got the car for working at a dealership, now he"s fixing it up--but Mom told him she won"t let him drive it when he turns 16, because she thinks it"s not safe. Can guys change her mind? Guys say it should be safe enough, if he"s a careful driver. They tell him to keep working on it for a few years, then try to convince Mom, or ask her to buy him a different car.

Call 3

Ashley Lawson (Chesterfield, Virginia) - 2004 Mazda Mazda6

A transmission question. She has a manual car, when she puts it in reverse, 7 out 10 times it won"t shift in and it grinds. It jerks and has to work with it. The fix: check level of transmission fluid. Double-check to see what"s recommended. May also be a TSB, or something peculiar to all Mazdas, and she should keep slamming it in to reverse.

Call 4

Eric Galdes (Brighton, Michigan) - 2000 Chevrolet Venture

A fuel question. He has a gas leak, but not sure where. Can he live with it? It"s likely that one of the o-rings is shot. Bring it in, and the mechanic can spot the source of the leak on a lift. Needs to be fixed, because it could get worse and cause a fire.

Call 5

Christina Marchetti (Belfast, Maine) - 1995 Toyota Celica

A brakes question. She gets a high-pitched squeak when she touches the brakes. If she takes her foot off gently, noise dies down. Could be as simple as worn out brake pads, a loose pad, or might have a stuck caliper. Get it fixed now, since it"s safety-related.

Call 6

Jean Williams (Radium Springs, New Mexico) - 1983 Porsche 944

Parked the car in her driveway, left it in reverse. When she went back out a few hours later. car had moved backwards (uphill), almost off a cliff. Guys said starter had somehow engaged--right answer! Packrats had chewed through starter and battery wires, causing them to come in contact.

Call 7

Candice Gerbin (, California) - 1995 Mercury Cougar

engine/heating cooling...The coolant is a milky brown color and foamy. She went to 3 mechanics and was told 3 different things. 1. it"s the radiator, not the head gasket--change radiator, or you"ll ruin the transmission 2. it"s fine, watch the thermostat and transmission fluid. 3. blown head gasket, $2800. Which one is it? Probably #1, if he did the proper test--go back to him. Better, dump the car and get parents to front the money for a replacement.

Call 8

Fred Brunson (Naples, Italy, ) - 2004 Jeep Liberty

A fuel/gas filler question. The automatic shut-off clicks off periodically and he has to trickle gas in. Also gets a high-pitched buzzing sound when he shuts it off. He needs to get the engine scanned for codes, may have to check for leaks in the system. Could be a hose disconnected from the evaporative system.

Call 9

Myrna Bonin (, New Jersey) - 2004 Ford Explorer

A body/tracking device. She this her soon-to-be ex-husband has hidden a GPS device on her car. How to locate it? It should be easy to find, because there aren"t many places to hide it--any mechanic should be able to put it on the lift and see it instantly. But, she can mess with him, and drive it around to different locations and play games with him, or put it on someone else"s vehicle!