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#0835: Whose Gas is it, Anyway?

Original Air Date: 08.30.2008
Show Open Topic

The much anticipated Bulwer-Lytton Awards!

Call 1

Elizabeth Taliman (Chatanooga, Tennessee) - 2003 Saturn Ion

Elizabeth and her daughter drove from TN to NM, and car started making mooing sound when AC was on. Now it only blows hot air. What's going on?

Call 2

Bruce Mims (Chicago, Illinois) - 1995 Toyota Avalon

Bruce has a question about the steering wheel and power steering. He just bought the car from his brother for $2,000 and thinks his brother might have ripped him off. When he turns left or right, there's a squeaky rubbing noise. He added fluid, but the noise didn't go away.

Call 3

Mae (Union Springs, Alabama) - Volkswagen

Mae's VW's gear shift gets stuck in park. Help!

Call 4

Pete Kennedy (King of Prussia, Pennsylvania) - 2005 Honda Civic

Pete's worried his ruined the transmission. He was driving his girlfriend's car and shifted from D3 to D while on the road! It felt like he'd slammed on the brakes. The car seems okay, but did it cause any long-term damage?

Call 5

Suzanne Liou (Portland, Oregon) - 2006 Toyota Prius

Suzanne's brakes are making a funny noise. After camping overnight in mountains, it makes a high pitched "whorp, whorp" noise, when she hits the brakes, right before the car stops. It only happens first thing in the morning. Why is it making this noise?

Call 6

Joe Leyva (San Antonio, Texas) - 1993 Chevrolet Corsica

Joe's got a heating/cooling question. The head gasket was leaking, so he added Prestone sealer to the reservoir, and then discovered it says on the bottle not to. Now, the hoses are bursting. Did he do it?

Call 7

Sean Madden (, Virginia) - 2005 Toyota 4Runner

Sean's got a fuel question. He's being transferred to Dakar for 2-3 years. They have leaded gas, so he'll have to remove catalytic converter. Will 2 years of running leaded gas have a permanent effect on the car? Can he bring the car back here and will it run okay?

Call 8

Heidi Williams (Ballston Spa, New York) - 2005 Buick Century

Heidi has a fuel/etiquette question. After filling up at the tank, she lifts the hose to get the final few drops of gas. She learned this from her father. The other day, someone accused her of stealing gas from the next customer. Is she economical or a gas thief?