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#0836: If He Were Any Stupider, He'd Have to be Watered Twice a Week!

Original Air Date: 09.06.2008
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New ways to call someone stupid.

Call 1

Lucy Wood (San Antonio, Texas) - 1999 Saturn SL

An engine/heating/cooling question. When she sits in traffic for a 15 - 20 secs, extreme white smoke comes out of the exhaust. Smells like exhaust. Burning oil. She"s ready to dump, interested in Honda Accord. Guys say go for it, but 4 cylinder instead of 6.

Call 2

Zack Huttner (Toledo, Ohio) - 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

A steering wheel question... The center console of the steering wheel fell off. He duct taped it on. Serious? Dangerous? Could be, cause airbag could accidentally deploy. Go to the mechanic and ask for the cheapest replacement part from a junkyard.

Call 3

Jenny Fitzgerald (Lansing, Michigan) - 2002 Chevrolet Malibu

A transmission/acceleration question. Gets rattling noise when she starts, and helicopter noise at speed. Car also shakes a vibrates. She can"t go faster than 60mph when accelerating on to the highway. Separate problems. Helicopter noise could be tires, but may be more serious, so she neds to get it checked. Also might need ignition coil.

Call 4

Katie Shafer (Anchorage, Alaska) - Subaru

A fuel/mechanic/bogus repair question. Just got an oil change at (rhymes with Jeers), and mechanic showed a dirty swab of paper and told her she desperately needed to flush her fuel system. She paid $80. 6 months later, brought it back for oil change, and mech. told her she needed fuel system flush again. Was she taken? Yes.

Call 5

Sam Robinson (, Illinois) - 2003 Ford Expedition

A driving/transmission/relationship wife killing his automatic transmission by not stopping when she shifts into reverse? She"s killed previous trannies. Transmission can probably take it, but the rest of parts in the drivetrain are wearing out. Have her call us if she doesn"t believe him.

Call 6

Lilian Branson (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) - 1999 Lincoln Town Car

Stump the Chumps. Lillian asked if her mechanic Bobby was properly diagnosing a $1000 repair. Said she needed an intake manifold. Guys called mechanic, decided he was on the level, repair fixed the problem. Now having trouble with airbag light--guys say take it back to Bobby.

Call 7

Staci Rabb (Richmond, Virginia) - 2001 Buick Century

A fuel question. Constant high pitched buzzing noise unless she steps on gas. She claims that no one over the age of 35 - 40 can hear it. She got the car from her grandmother, and her mechanic is roughly the same age as her father, and neither can hear it, Her description suggests it is a belt or a bearing, but Ray suggests it could be a vacuum leak.

Call 8

Andy (, New Mexico) - 2001 Kia Sportage

An ignition/starter question. He changed the starter on his car, but it"s still clicking. After talking to the mechanic, they told him to clean his battery cables. It could be simply a bad connection, or dead battery. Do a battery test.

Call 9

David Lunn (, California) - Volvo 940

A suspension/sports suspension question. Rented a new car, was impressed by smooth ride, compared to his 17 year old Volvo. Mech explained that trade-off is poorer handling on turns. Guys say there is a slight trade-off, but his Volvo ride may feel rough because of car"s age. Test drive another Malibu, and if he wants smooth, buy a new car.