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#0838: What's a Few Thousand RPM Between Friends?

Original Air Date: 09.20.2008
Show Open Topic

Follow-up from our listeners, regarding the Heidi call: How much gas do you get out of the hose at the gas station, if you shake it once it's done pumping?

Call 1

Kaia Grgich (San Francisco, California) - 2001 Ford Focus

An engine question. When she steps on accelerator, moving or not, hears "flapping" sound--like baseball card in spokes. May go away above 40 mph, or just get drowned out. Replaced engine a while back, but that has nothing to do with this. It could be pump, or a belt disintegrating, possibly the timing belt, which would be very bad--so get it looked at.

Call 2

Jackson Olsen (Logan, Utah) - 2001 Honda Civic

A suspension question. When he goes into a dip, the car makes a loud clunking noise, on the driver"s side. He put new front shocks on, and the first week it was fine, but it"s back now. Could be the strut mount or swaybar bushing, one or both of which are worn out.

Call 3

Melissa Alves (Wareham, Massachusetts) - 2000 Toyota Camry

A pedal/throttle/accelerator question. The accelerator gets stuck intermittently. She has to literally jam it with her foot to get it to go, then the car takes off! Needs to have throttle plate and possibly the housing cleaned. It's dangerous to have a sticking throttle.

Call 4

James Lockman (Gorham, Maine) - 1998 Chevrolet Venture

An engine question. Did tune-up, plugs, wires, now getting huge plumes of white smoke. Thinks one or both of the head gaskets is cracked. Worth it to attempt repair himself? Ray believes it"s not the gasket, but rather the intake manifold--check to see if oil is getting in through more than one cylinder--if it is, it"s the manifold, or manifold gasket.

Call 5

Melanie Cullerton (Canaan, Connecticut) - 1997 Volvo 850

Steering. She has to struggle very hard to steer. Guys said it was power steering pump, or rack, and both were wrong--mechanic said it was box on steering coupling.

Call 6

Rebecca Chandler (Grand Rapids, Michigan) - 2004 Honda Element

A tires/wheels/brake question. She hears bump, bump, bump sound in rear end, and tires unevenly worn. Worse on left side. Got new tires, still doing it. Sounds like classic Honda AWD differential fluid problem--get fluid checked/changed.

Call 7

Steve (Clearfield, Pennsylvania) - 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix

A starter question. He recently replaced the starter. Now when he turns over the engine it makes a horrible screeching noise. Problem is the flywheel and starter aren"t meshing--probably needs a shim kit. Go back to where he got the starter, and try to swap it, and get shim kit.

Call 8

Alexandria Valeen (Greeley, Colorado) - 2005 Scion xA

driving/clutch/boyfriend question. He waits til 4-5000 rpms to shift car. She shifts at 3,000. She thinks he"s wasting gas, he says his aunt taught him it"s necessary to "blow out" carbon by revving high. Guys say 5,000 is too high, but so is 3,000--should shift at 2,000 rpm. " Suggest they experiment with each for a week and will notice much better mileage at 2k.