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#0840: Help Me!

Original Air Date: 10.04.2008
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How Car Talk promotes physical fitness.

Call 1

Rendi Bacon (Fort Colins, Colorado) - 1991 BMW 325

Brake lining light/fluid light on her dash came on. What does it mean, and should she have brakes checked out before they store car for the winter?

Call 2

Curtis (Grass Valley, California) - 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon

An engine question. He's the guy who lives in his 1987 VW Van, referred to by Tara in 0839. She dumped him, but was supposed to ask guys about his van, instead of their relationship. He wants to know if he can retrofit the van with airbags.

Call 3

Stacy Mayer (Marietta, Ohio) - 2000 Buick LeSabre

A suspension/steering/electrical question. When turning the wheel left or right, it makes a grinding noise like, "GCHHHHHHHhhhh." And she doesn't have a mechanic!

Call 4

John Ralph (Bowie, Maryland) - 2006 Honda Accord

A transmission question. Since about 20k mi, the car pops out of 3rd. Dealer suggested changing transmission fluid, problem went away for a bit, but came back. Feels like it doesn't quite go into gear.

Call 5

Amy Lacher (Franklin, Tennessee) - 2000 Chevrolet Venture

Amy's got an odor problem. She smells gasoline on the outside near the gas tank. Service people said auxiliary water pump needs to be replaced. Fixed it, and now it's much more strong.

Call 6

Gene Shannon (Long Island, New York) - 1999 Ford F150

AC/vacuum leak/blend doors question. He can hear the heater door close, and the AC will go off. If he drives with the heater on and it closes, it AC comes on. Check engine light is on too.

Call 7

Mark Hulen (Seattle, Washington) - 1998 Toyota Sienna

A gears/emergency brake question. He has problems shifting out of park. This doesn"t happen when his wife drives. Once in a while, it won't shift at all and will lock up. Hears a "ping" noise, and then it will shift out of park. What's going on?

Call 8

Annie Jones (Park City, Utah) - 2002 Jeep Liberty

An engine/transmission question. She recently heard fart noise coming from hood, and later in the day, every time she took her foot off the gas, RMC dipped and it felt like car had shifted into neutral. It happens at around 45 mph. It had never happened before.

Call 9

Fernando Saints (Miami, Florida) - 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A body or roof liner question. The roof liner is coming down. What can he do? Can he fix it himself?