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#0841: 3 AM, a Wrench, and a Stickball Game? Problem Solved!

Original Air Date: 10.11.2008
Show Open Topic

When your wife trades in your car... and you don't know it. Tom and Ray share a letter from listener Mike Micucci.

Call 1

Tracy Williams (New York, New York) - Nissan Sentra

An ethical question. A Sentra has been parked outside her house for two months. Cops won"t tow it because it has plates on. She wants to remove plates so city will tow away. Husband says not to. Tom agrees with husband--may belong to someone who"s been sick in the hospital for months? Ray suggests trying to break in to see if she can find registration, or towing it down the block, or "accidentally" helping the plates fall off so cops will tow it.

Call 2

Jeremy Day (Allston, Massachusetts) - 2002 Ford Focus

A steering/suspension question. Something prevents him from taking a corner, when it is raining--feels like a rubber band is stretching, like the car doesn"t have power steering. Serpentine belt is slipping--get it checked--probably worn and needs to be replaced.

Call 3

Tamara (Renton, Washington) - 2000 Saturn L

An exhaust/brakes question. Got hit on the rear right in parking lot, now hears noise like a metal rod dragging on pavement behind her coming from the rear. Checked underneath, didn"t see anything. Ray thinks it could be either a dragging brake or a stabilizer link, but she can"t make the noise, and says his attempt at it is wrong. Guys tell her to drive it, and call back when it"s making the noise, so they can give a better answer.

Call 4

Erin Moore (Denver, Colorado) - 2000 Toyota Camry

A clutch question. When she shifts and takes her foot off the pedal, the clutch squeaks, but only from the outside. Might be time for a new clutch. Friction material could be worn, exposing the rivets.

Call 5

Tamara (Renton, Washington) - 2000 Saturn L

Calling back--can"t get it to make the noise, but now she can do a better imitation of it. She makes the noise, and Ray"s convinced it"s a stuck brake.

Call 6

Boris McGiver (, New York) - 1994 Subaru Legacy

A fuel/body question. Has a leak in the gas tank. Can he save money by removing it remove it from the top, by cutting a hole through the floor of the car? No--it"s dangerous, and may be impossible to get it out of the car. Also, may compromise the structural integrity. Bite the bullet and have someone put it on a lift, and take it out the right way.

Call 7

Rebecca Robinson (Menlo Park, California)

A dump/keep/relationship/safety question. Her husband recently bought an MGB, and wants to make it their every day family car. He says it"s "perfectly safe." She thinks he"s crazy. Guys agree with her-- it has no airbags, crumple zones, etc.

Call 8

Jimmy Jenkins (El Paso, Texas) - 2000 Chevrolet Suburban

A starter/engine/mount question. every time he starts in the morning, he gets a "wa wa wa" or a "yee yee yey yey." Just replaced the battery. It could be a bad starter motor, or something electrical could be draining current.

Call 9

Jordanne Foreman (Princeton, West Virginia) - 1999 Jeep Cherokee

An engine question.... Her check engine light keeps going on. Takes it in, they say it"s her gas cap, and charge her five bucks to turn it off. But she"s diligent about turning cap. Could be a real fuel problem, such as a leaking hose. Needs to get her mechanic to look more closely, and do a Smoke Test. Bring brownies.