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#0842: The Great Tofte Snowplow Debate

Original Air Date: 10.18.2008
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Reasons why Tommy shouldn't be allowed on the radio any longer.

Call 1

Heather Moser (, Massachusetts) - 1997 Volkswagen Cabrio

An engine/fuel question. After the car warms up and she comes to a stop, the RPMS will race between 0 and 1k and the engine shakes. She's tried putting better fuel in it, and it doesn't help. Could have a vacuum hose leak. Take it to a mechanic. he should be able to find it quickly.

Call 2

Margaret Mayfield (Charlotte, North Carolina) - 1999 Chevrolet Venture

A steering/power steering pump question? It sounds like it's in pain, groaning, from under the dash. "eRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Random--sometimes happens if car is off and key is in her pocket. Problem in the heating and ventilation system?could be a blend door motor that's stuck.

Call 3

Jeff Shelly (Carlstadt, New Jersey) - 1994 Isuzu Rodeo

A clutch question. When they go to their mountain home, after leaving car overnight, clutch pedal will have depressed to the floor--only happens in the mountains. Guys said master cylinder--right answer.

Call 4

Dana Wefer (, New Jersey) - 2002 Ford Escort

A gears/neutral safety switch question. When she drives the car, it won't come out of park, so she's using the screwdriver to override it with the shift lock override. How long can she get away with it for? Forever, basically. It's mechanically unlocking the shifter.

Call 5

Ed Fox (Evansville, Indiana) - 2003 MINI Cooper

he AC or blower, there's a pungent vinegar smell through the vents. Ray suggests animal urine, but Ed says it's definitely not a urine smell--his wife thinks it's related to him. Ray says it's likely the windings on the blower motor. Check to see if there's a technical service bulletin. Check with a dealer.

Call 6

Sandra Capri (Star, Idaho) - 2003 Toyota Highlander

dump/keep question about seats and comfort. She used to drive an Izuzu Trooper that had "the worlds most comfortable seats", because of her sitting position--finds the Highlander really uncomfortable. What would have reliability of the Toyota, with the comfort of the Trooper? Ray recommends Honda Element and Mitsubishi Outlander.

Call 7

Susan Reed (Ovito, Florida) - 2005 Acura RSX

A suspension/wheels questions. She hit a huge pothole, right front wheel is making clicking/thumping noises every time you turn it back and forth. Tire rim is bent. Probably a broken coil spring. The sound is the two broken pieces hitting each other. Need to replace the tire and rim, as well as the spring.

Call 8

Brooks Thomas (Los Angeles, California) - 2001 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Brakes question. Just had brake work done--now, when brakes are hot, car feels like it's driving over railroad ties. When he slows down, bumping also slows. On a decline, car shakes violently. Probably a warped disk rotor. Could be using aftermarket rotors, or didn't machine properly. Take it back and have them do it again.

Call 9

Cindy Lou Hanson (Tofte, Minnesota) - 2003 Chevrolet Pickup

A body/plow/driving question. She and husband disagree over the safest way to drive the truck with the V-shaped plow down the highway. Plow pointed towards the middle of the road, or the side of the road? The county plow guys agree with hubby, so Ray says they win, because of their vast plowing experience.