Show Rundown

#0848: Click and Clack's Campus Counseling: A's are Overrated!

Original Air Date: 11.29.2008
Show Open Topic

Larry Walters goes for a flight... with a bunch of balloons.

Call 1

Esther Concha (, Colorado) - 1991 Mazda RX-7

Coolant light goes goes on and off, makes noise...has to add coolant every day. What's wrong, and can she fixi it herself? Coolant leak, could be caused by a number of things, ranging from a hose to a bad water pump, to a cracked engine block. Need to get it looked at.

Call 2

Kevin (Lafayette, Indiana) - 1991 Nissan Pickup

A handling question. He wants to add weight in the back to help in the winter...cinder blocks or sandbags? And, how many? Sandbags are preferable, and he needs to experiment--try five, spread over the bed, over the rear axle.

Call 3

Wendy Seepert (, Missouri) - 1985 Volvo 240

A steering question. She gave it to teenage son for a while, now shaking on turns. Did he do it? Probably not, it's likely a loose power steering bushing, caused by worn power steering pump.

Call 4

Hope Jahran (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1996 Ford Ranger

Dog...drove x-country recently and her 100lb. great dane spent most of the trip standing on top of the cab. She's worried about safety, appearance and mileage. Guys say dog is doing its job--protecting her and the truck, and she should reward it, by letting it ride in the cab. Also, she's a Geo-Chemistry Professor, and takes Tommy to task for his comments that college is a scam.

Call 5

Jonathan (, Colorado) - 1985 Honda Accord

Carburetor? Engine cranks, turns on, dies--low idle. Mechanic keeps trying different stuff, now thinks it's the fuel shut-off solenoid in carburetor. Probably wrong--that would prevent it from starting altogether. Could be a plugged catalytic converter--need to get a mechanic who's not a carburetor specialist, because it may have nothing to to do with carb.

Call 6

Lea Frey (South Hadley, Massachusetts)

Depressed Mt. Holyoke student whose letter was read by Tom in 2nd Half Open. Calling to say she's bummed. Guys tell her to try to relax and not study so hard, or take college so seriously.