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#0851: No Flaming Golf Balls Just Yet!

Original Air Date: 12.20.2008
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Incredibly stupid gifts for the holiday season.

Call 1

Elisha (Baltimore, Maryland) - 2004 Honda Element

A possible heating/cooling/belt/fan/animal-like noise. The car makes a "scritchity" noise near the window or dash, like a little mouse with high heels on, then sounds like mice singing opera. Got a new windhsheld several months ago-- The windshield wasn't installed properly, and is flexing. It needs to be repaired.

Call 2

Dave Pernal (Hamden, Connecticut) - 2002 Audi allroad

Clutch question. When he's trying to pass someone, the turbo engages and RPMs go up, feels like it's slipping. Does he need a new clutch, or could it be something more simple? Clutch is slipping and is on the way out. Need to replace the whole thing, a few thousand bucks.

Call 3

Eric Anderson (Viola, Illinois) - 1994 Honda Civic

A heating/cooling question. The fan for the heater doesn't blow. He bought a temperature control panel from the junkyard and installed it himself, but it didn't fix the problem. Problem is likely not the control panel, but rather the blower motor or the blower motor resistor. Can try to do it himself--go back to the junkyard.

Call 4

Patrick Lee (, Vermont) - Volkswagen

A starter/starting question. The starter cries after starting the car sometimes. Probably about 1 out of 4 times. Stops after 15 seconds. Either the starter or the ignition, ignition switch.

Call 5

Mary Sebas (, Minnesota) - 1991 Ford Ranger

An engine/oil question. She bought it for $1k. It's using 1 quart per thousand, not leaking oil. Looking inside the oil cap cover there's a yellow scum. She added stop leak, but it's still burning? The yellow is water on the top? It's condensing on the cool filler cap. If it's just confined to the cap, she's fine. Burning oil is not a serious issue.

Call 6

Marshall Cobb (Houston, Texas) - 2001 Toyota Highlander

An exhaust/body question. His is 3-year-old put a golf ball up his muffler. His mechanic thinks it will just combust and come out peacefully, but he's not convinced. Is it ok to drive? Probably fine to drive. It might just be acting as a baffle. Don't worry about it.

Call 7

Scott Minielly (Kingston, Ontario, Canada, ) - Honda Civic

A driving/safety/relationship question. While his wife drives, coming to a stop, she will reach over and think she'll lessen the impact by putting her arm in front of the passenger. He thinks she should hold on to the wheel with both hands. Which would be safer? Mythology, from the era before seatbelts. There's no way it would help stop someone from going into the dash or windshield. The seatbelt will do the job 1,000 times better.

Call 8

Christine Destry (Bellingham, Washington) - 2006 Ford Fusion

An engine/transmission question. If she accelerates hard, there is sometimes a "whirrrrrring" noise coming from behind the dashboard. If she guns it, it won't make the noise. She doesn't think she hears it when she decelerates. Sometimes, there's a thunk underneath when she needs to pass someone. It is intermittent. Ray thinks it might be a reversed coupling on the exhaust system. Should see if there's a bulletin on this problem when she take it in.