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#0852: Ray, You're an Idiot!

Original Air Date: 12.27.2008
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Ray's escapades as blizzard chaser. Plus: Ray's wife, Monique, calls in.

Call 1

Jan Gorson (Mojave Desert, California) - 1994 Toyota Camry

engine...parked in a wash, got flooded, water up to wheelwells. He cleaned the engine, and now when he starts the motor, air gets sucked in through the muffler and blown out through intake,like a reverse engine. While working on engine, timing belt got thrown off--by 90, maybe 180 degrees. Take it off, and put it back on correctly, problem will go away.

Call 2

Cheryl Evans (, Arizona) - 1997 Nissan Pickup

driving/clutch...daughter just started driving stick for the first time--worried she's going to accidentally shift into reverse? Is she likely to? No, it's nearly impossible to shift into reverse without trying.

Call 3

JP Callan Jr. (Richmond, Virginia) - 1987 Chevrolet S-10

stalling... loaned it to a friend, who told him it was stallng out--then it started happening to him. Check engine light on. Wife tells him he won't be less of a man if he dumps the truck, but it's got nearly 300k miles. Problem is likely a plugged fuel filter or bad fuel pump, but before replacing, have someone figure out why the check engine light is on.

Call 4

Gloria Dunn (, New Mexico) - 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Stump the Chumps: steering/ suspension/brakes....When she makes a sharp turn and is on the gas it makes a horrible groan.

Call 5

Connie Van Heusel (, New York) - Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

winter driving.... disagreement with husband over warming up car. She thinks he doesn't let it warm up enough before driving, he says warming it too long wears out engine. Guys say what he's doing is okay, but his reasoning is wacky.

Call 6

Maggie Brown (Buxton, Maine) - 1995 Geo Prizm

accelerator... sticks in damp weather. Has to press extra hard on pedal, at stoplights other drivers think she's challenging them to drag race...likey a sticky throttle cable. Try spraying WD40 to dislodge, shouldn't be a big deal.

Call 7

Wendall Stacey (Memphis, Tennessee) - Ford

Fuel pump?...Truck burst into flames, burnt to a crisp. What happened? Either electrical or fuel.

Call 8

Susan (Cambridge, Massachusetts) got buried by several inches of snopw. Can they just leave it until snow melts, or will it do damage? Only likely damage is to the battery, which will die--good to at least start the car once every couple of weeks.