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#0901: Greetings from Antarctica!

Original Air Date: 01.03.2009
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Polka crimes... and the punishment

Call 1

Kelly (Statford, New Hampshire) - 1998 Honda CR-V

heaters/engine....Moved from Alaska, asked local Honda dealer to remove block heaters. He said no.

Call 2

John Pollack (Antarctica, )

Bouncy ride in the Delta, huge vehicle. Getting worse. It's actually summer there now.

Call 3

Heidi Weiskel (Washington, District Of Columbia) - Peugeot 505

Steering question. Her car is getting harder and harder to turn. Worried that it's dangerous.

Call 4

Gladys Estony (Clinton Corners, New York) - 1999 Ford Taurus

automatic remote... got it for Christmas, but is scared it'll wreck her car. Ray's not crazy about them--says they're "making us soft", and can exacerbate problems by continuing to start the car when it shouldn't. But, if it's a good one (the Cadillac of remote starters), and is properly installed, it should be okay.

Call 5

Paul Finniwick (, Colorado) - 1991 Nissan Maxima

brakes?....when he steps on the pedal, starts to get a "duck-like" sound. Guys think it's a warped rotor.

Call 6

Michelle (, Illinois) - 1997 Saturn SL

starting.. recent it back from body shop, drove it home, wojuldn't start the next day. Violently rocked back and forth in driver's seat, then it started. Problem is a loose ground connection in the starter, keeping Eddie and Edie electron from jumping back and forth.

Call 7

Erin Huband (, Maryland) - 2002 Subaru Impreza

body/undercarriage... was taking a bucket of beads to use in Math class, they spilled onto the floor and disappeared. Likely got into heating duct work running under the floorboards, probably not doing any real harm. Tommy suggest jumping up and down on bumper to get them to roll to the one end of the car, then vacuum them up.

Call 8

Kurt (Glenburne, Maine) - 1995 Ford Contour

transmision... hard to shift, gets harder, the faster he goes. Not sure if it happens if he revs while not moving, so guys send him outside to test it--does get worse when revs are high, so guys think it's a motor mount that's moving around.