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#0904: Ken Warner, your Secret is Safe With Us

Original Air Date: 01.24.2009
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Listener Ken Warner writes to Tom and Ray about lying to his girlfriend... Male Answer Syndrome!

Call 1

Leila Foreman (Boston, Massachusetts) - 2008 Toyota Corolla

An engine/transmission question. In cold weather, the car makes a deep rumbling sound when she turns on the car. "RURRR urb rurub ruub." It's been to the dealer twice, but it never made the noise.

Call 2

Dominique Freire (Honolulu, Hawaii) - 2004 Honda Accord

There's a cockroach infestation in the car. They only come out at night while she's driving. Help!

Call 3

Matt McKenzie (Virginia Beach, Florida) - 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

A CV joint question. He's being sent to Korea for the year with the Navy. He wants to give the car to his little sister but the right front wheel well makes a sounds like a card in the spokes going "click, click, click."

Call 4

Kate Rakowski (Hartland, Vermont) - 1994 Honda Civic

A wiper fluid question. The reservoir was full of summer fluid, and now it's frozen solid, totally full, and nothing comes out. What should she do?

Call 5

Zach Drennen (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - 1998 Land Rover Defender

An electrical/starting question. The vehicle is in Kenya where he resides 9 months a year. It's impossible to get it started. Every morning, there's a "whennananananwena" sound. He's replaced the heater glow plugs, battery, and redid the starter. He often has to roll start it. What's the story?

Call 6

James Wood (Paducah, Kentucky) - 2001 Volkswagen Jetta

A suspension/motor mount question. He got a new front axle, after which he gets this tremendous hum at 3000 - 3500 rpms. It vibrates the floor boards. Outside of that range, there's no noise. Shop says it's not the axle, maybe motor mount, but he never had it before the axle change.

Call 7

Betty Douglass (Nashville, Tennessee) - 1999 Acura RL

A heating/cooling question. If she stops at a stoplight, the heat will blow cold and fluctuate hot and cold. The engine also runs roughly. What's going on?

Call 8

Sarah Angelo (Las Vegas, Nevada) - 2003 Dodge Durango

A brakes question. Her car makes a creaky, squeaking noise in the rear end. It only happens when she's driving forward and stops when she presses the brakes. Husband thinks brakes need to be replaced. She disagrees and wants to prove him wrong!