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#0908: The Perfect Pinkwater Car

Original Air Date: 02.21.2009
Show Open Topic

Auto Mechanics Ranking in New Gallup Survey on Trustworthiness

Call 1

Chana Weisenberg (, Massachusetts)

This is Chana's first car ever! Her dear old dad says she needs to warm it up 20 minutes before driving. Is he right?

Call 2

Seth Ward (Little Rock, Arkansas)

The car is making a clicking sound when he turns right. He had the CV axles replaced, then did a brake job himself--did he cause it?

Call 3

Kathy Washy (, Pennsylvania)

dump/keep.... husband's car, needs a lot of work, trying to convince him to Should she keep this car or dump it? Her mechanic is telling her to get rid of it. But her husband isn't convinced. What to do?

Call 4

Rupa Bekal (, Ohio)

The brakes screech like she's killing a cat. It happens after its parked all day in a lot. It only happens for the first 5 seconds and it doesn't happen in the morning.

Call 5

Daniel Pinkwater (, New York)

He's finally found the perfect car! It's got headroom, buttroom, access, egress. After much research, he's found that the new VW Bug is the best for the proportionally challenged.

Call 6

Rich (, New Jersey)

Thermostat problem. He's not getting enough heat, and the temp gauge doesn't move off C.

Call 7

Joan McKniff (, Florida)

Stump the Chumps- Joan went to Madagascar and had a Geo waiting for her there. She wanted to know if she should bring spare parts with her just in case? Was Tom and Ray's advice right or wrong?!

Call 8

Steve Ritz (Durham, North Carolina)

Steve bought it with big hopes to restore, but now fears he's bitten off more than he can chew!