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#0909: Step Away from the Blanket, Paula!

Original Air Date: 02.28.2009
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a few of their favorite lawyer jokes.

Call 1

Betsy (San Francisco, ) - 2002 Toyota ECHO

Betsy is sliding all over the road in the snow. She's worried it may be the suspension. What should she do? Tom and Ray say there's nothing wrong with the car, it's just light. Four new snow tires will solve her problem!

Call 2

Steven Michalek (, New York) - 1986 Ford Escort

Steve is pretty sure his car has a battery somewhere, but he can't find it! He's looked under hood, back seat, and trunk. There aren't too many places a battery can hide--Ray says under driver's seat, Tommy says under passenger. They tell Steve to investigate can call back next week.

Call 3

Michelle (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - 1991 Mercury Tracer

The engine revs when slowing down on the highway. Pulling over to the shoulder, shifting into park and then back into drive seems to clear up the problem. Tom and Ray think it's just downshifting on its own and she should take it to the dealer for an adjustment.

Call 4

Paula Mahony (Portland, Maine) - 1992 Subaru Legacy

Paula's car doesn't start in really cold weather unless she puts a heated blanket over the engine for 10 minutes. Tom and Ray think the blanket isn't doing anything--most likely, there's a problem with the starter motor or neutral safety switch which get worse when it's colder.

Call 5

Jim Manheim (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - 1991 Toyota Pickup

Jim has decided to do only "necessary repairs" on this car. The tail pipe fell off-- is that a "necessary repair"? Tom and Ray think that it's probably not too dangerous, but suggest a cheap fix-- buying a short tail pipe, and directing the exhaust to the ground, away from the gas tank.

Call 6

Jamie Hunter (San Diego, ) - 1989 Nissan Pathfinder

Jamie's car makes a "clacking" noise at startup and above 70 mph which goes away as it warms up or he slows down. Ray thinks it's starved for oil--he hasn't changed the oil in a long time. He should try an oil change, or maybe several oil changes, and see if the noise goes away.

Call 7

Avital (San Francisco, ) - 2000 Hyundai Elantra

Her ex-boyfriend told her to get bottled oil when she gets oil changed, because the stuff in the big drums separates over time. Is this true or bogus? Ray says he's never had that problem at the garage.