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#0911: Chasing Volcanoes and Hunting Mealworms

Original Air Date: 03.14.2009
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray discuss Latin translations for catch-phrase, including, "Make my day," "Honey! I'm home," and "Honk if you speak Latin."

Call 1

Alex Marks (Killingworth, Connecticut) - 2004 Jeep Liberty

In very cold weather her car sings, "Whooooooh," when she accelerates. It changes pitch when she takes her foot off the accelerator, and goes away when she's not moving. Tom and Ray think it is almost certainly the differential. She can change the fluid and if that doesn't help, ask her mechanic if there's been a technical bulletin on this problem. If that doesn't help, she can always turn up the radio.

Call 2

Bill Vogel (Soldatna, Alaska) - 2003 Subaru Outback

A volcano ash/air filter question. He lives right next to a volcano, which is expected to erupt soon. Was told to duct tape panty hose over the air intake to keep ash from clogging the filters? Will this work, and what color should he get? Guys say it should work, and suggest taupe. Clean or replace when it gets clogged.

Call 3

Tiffany Delph (Stanford, Connecticut) - 1994 Ford Explorer

Her right passenger wheel makes a clicking/popping noise while the car is in motion and it's really loud. Bought it in January, previous owner said noise continued even after car was repaired. It could be a faulty wheel bearing or locking hub. This is not safe, and she needs to get it looked at right away.

Call 4

Kara Serena (, ) - 2008 Toyota Prius

She got worms for her son's box turtle but they got out in the car and got stuck in the heating vent. Does she tell her soon to be ex-husband? (She's giving him the car after the divorce.) Worms have probaby all died, but she needs to tell him--after they've signed all the papers.

Call 5

Brian Hall (Ashland, Oregon) - 1999 Nissan Altima

The car makes a terrifying noise when he turns off the car, like he has run over a cat. Happens about three-quarters of the time. Could be the heater blower or some other part of the heating system, which is run by vacuum. Could also be the power brake booster.

Call 6

Tanisha Lewis (St Louis, Missouri) - 2002 Toyota Corolla

An engine/heating/cooling/engine/broken fan blade question. She hears a knocking and rattling at the same time from front passenger's side. Starts low, but it gets louder and only stops when she puts car in park. Tom and Ray think this is most likely a loose exhaust system heat shield. Good news: It's easy to fix, and not dangerous.

Call 7

Steve Mench (Orlando, Florida) - 2004 Jeep Wrangler

A clutch/driving question. He stayed at a nice hotel and the valet parked the car. The guy brought the car back with the car smoking and clutch screaming bloody murder. Can you ruin the clutch that quickly? Yes. The valet probably was not used to driving a stick shift car. The clutch could easily have been damaged on uphill driving. Test to see if the clutch is slipping.