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#0915: That's not the Way Aaron Parks!

Original Air Date: 04.11.2009
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Marital advice from Rodney Dangerfield, Henny Youngman and others.

Call 1

Michelle Schmitt (Buffalo, New York) - 1995 Honda Civic

An exhaust/heat shield question. After Dad replaced the front axles and brakes, she started hearing a rattling, maybe from engine , or in front of her. It happens only when her foot's on the brake, when she's stopped at a stop sign. It sounds like metal, or gargling. Probably a loose heat shield--Dad can probably fix it.

Call 2

Ryan Madison (North Conway, New Hampshire) - 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

Keep it or heap it? When the car warms up, steering makes a sound like "ERRERRRRR..." The belt is probably slipping?either worn out or old, or something is wrong with the tensioner. Not expensive, so worth fixing and keeping.

Call 3

Mriam Rickless (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - Chevrolet

A dump/keep/buy question. 22 years ago Tom and Ray recommended she buy the Celbrity--she did, and has loved it. But, needs a new car--something smaller, but cushy for her bad back. Doesn't like the new Camrys or Accords. Guys suggest a used Lexus ES 300.

Call 4

Bruce Cordingly (, Washington) - 2003 Volkswagen Golf

A driving/parallel parking/relationship question. His wife says you should not fully extend the steering wheel, because it can do something horrible to the steering. He disagrees. She got this information from an ex-boyfriend, so it's especially contentious. She's right, it's not good to do. Agree not to turn the wheel like that, if she never mentions ex-boyfriend again.

Call 5

Brandon Goodell (Sacramento, California) - 1999 Volvo S80

An engine/cooling/fan question. Sometimes the car makes a whooshing noise, when he releases the brake, that stays on 20-30 minutes even after the car is shut off. It's coming from the driver's-side left hand. He can almost hear it through the ventilation system. The noise is from a bad vacuum power booster, which has a vacuum leak. He needs a new booster.

Call 6

Christine Denning (Boulder, Colorado) - 2002 Subaru Outback

A year ago, the clutch started slipping. She replaced it, but it kept sticking. The shop said she needed a master cylinder, replaced it, but it still sticks. Happens when she's at a complete stop, has the foot on the clutch and starts to take off. Makes a "Rrr-rrr-rrrrrr" noise. Chattering in the clutch. Either a faulty clutch, or got grease on it, or didn't machine the flywheel. It's a rough engagement of the clutch. Go back, and ask them to do it over again.

Call 7

Pam Diamond (Cary, North Carolina) - 2003 Mazda MazdaSpeed Protege

A suspension/transmission/motor mounts/windshield crack.... when she reverses and then presses brakes, there's a clunking sound, coming from under her feet area. Also, it gets clunky over speed bumps. Teenaged son just started driving it. Ray thinks it's front-end suspension; either the ball joints, or bushings--not son's fault

Call 8

Doug Hall (Weare, New Hampshire) - 1999 Saturn SL

A heating/cooling question. The windows fog up, down low by the defrosters, no matter if he washes them. There's no smell. The fog is probably just water vapor that's stuck in the heating box. It's condensing on the cool glass. The evaporator drain is probably plugged, causing the water to collect. Could also be the heater core, leaking a small amount of antifreeze.

Call 9

Dawn Miller (Delton, Michigan) - 2007 Toyota Corolla

A question about heating, cooling, animals and her radiator. She has critters that are eating her radiators. They've eaten three radiators so far. Try spraying peppermint oil or bitter apple, from a health food store. That should discourage them.