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#0917: Parking and the Procedural Deviant

Original Air Date: 04.25.2009
Show Open Topic

Three questions from an 11-year-old fan.

Call 1

Seth Schaeffer (Cincinnati, Ohio) - 1980 Ford Festiva

A brakes or master cylinder question. When driving at highway speeds, he loses brake pressure, and it could take as many as 3 pumps to get it back up. He has replaced the master cylinder twice already.

Call 2

Hannah (Brooklyn, New York) - 1999 BMW M3

An engine or body question. The car squeals/whistles every time she accelerates. "EEEEEEE." Been doing it for months. What's going on?

Call 3

Carrie Kramer (Simsbury, Connecticut)

A driving question. She has a $1 bet with her husband (an engineer). He shuts the car off before putting it in Park. He says he's being a "social deviant". She thinks he's harming the car. Who is right?

Call 4

Adam Heller (, New York) - 2002 Toyota Camry

A starting, alternator, or battery question. The car won't start after it's been sitting for a few days. When it does, it will make strange and funny noises until it does. Will start when it's warm. Won't start when it's cold, and clock resets.

Call 5

Mayleen Trinidad (Sacramento, California) - 2001 Hyundai Elantra

An engine/sensor question. The car jerks backwards while she's driving. Also, check engine light comes on and car slows down. Usually happens during stop and go traffic or on a slight incline.

Call 6

Nathan Carmen (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

A body and cosmetic question. He bought the car with a little scratch. Bought a product from an infomercial that removes scratches, but some of the stuff dripped down and hardened on the side of the car. Tried sap remover. Could he melt the mixture with hot water? Help!

Call 7

Meagan Nordstrom (Provo, Utah) - 2000 Chevrolet Impala

A transmission/throttle question. Stopping at a stop sign or going up a hill, the car revs very high and then clunks into gear. First gear is the worst. And sometimes she'll push her gas and floor it and nothing happens. Usually, if she pumps it a couple of times, it will be better.

Call 8

Mike Schwaggert (Port St. Lucie, Florida) - 2003 Mercury Sable

An A/C question. The car will blow very hot air like it's radiator heat. If he sticks his hand up under dash, he feels cold air.

Call 9

Colleen Milligan (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) - 2000 Volkswagen Passat

Every light has lit up on the dashboard--trunk, ABS, "Stop Driving". The mechanics assure her the car is fine. Should she put it out of its misery? And is it dangerous?