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#0918: The Return of Paula and the Blanket

Original Air Date: 05.02.2009
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A very good reason to beware... of English.

Call 1

Ellen Sigorsky Goldberg (, Massachusetts)

An ignition question. She borrowed car from parents, Dad said she had too many keys on her keyring and would rip out their ignition. She?s got nine keys--probably too many, it can do some damage.

Call 2

Ken Green (Berkeley, California) - 1991 Saab 9000

clutch.... drinks clutch fluid. Had master cylinder replaced, didn't help. Shop now says somehing in slave cylinder is causing the problem--a piece of hose causing fluid to get past a seal. Need a new slave cylinder, probably didn't need mastery cylinder, so see if the shop will split the cost.

Call 3

Cathy McDonald (Seattle, Washington) - Saab 9-2X

buying....Wants to get a Saab, but comes from a family of Honda owners, and husband is a Honda guy. Head vs. heart, trading reliability for fun? Especially wants to go to Sweden to get the Saab. Guys say go for it, you only live once and if she doesn't get Saab, she'll always regret it. And, she could meet her new husband "Yens", in Sweden.

Call 4

Josie Jenson (, Idaho) - 1971 Volkswagen Van

starter/ignition qustion. It starts by itself and drives off! Has done it a few times...worse, in warm weather. Inherited from parents. Guys think it's a bad solenoid on the starter that's somehow engaging it it, and she probably needs a new starter. Mechanic may be able to fix it unless they can replicate the problem.

Call 5

Chris Hastings (, Minnesota) - 1993 Toyota Camry

A rust/body question. He ground rust spots with Dremel Tool before Winter and used touch-up paint, but rust "exploded", and is all over the car. Problem is, he didn't prime before painting. Need to groind down to bare metal again, and prime then paint--can also try rust inhibitors.

Call 6

Claire Kroenke (, Wisconsin) - 1991 Volkswagen Golf

An electrical question. She regularly leaves her lights on, kills battery and needs a jump. Can she re-wire lighs? Yes, she can wire the lights into the ignition so they'd always turn on and off with the car--but Ray thinks she'll then forget to do something more serious. She needs to simplify her life, or try memory pills.

Call 7

Archie George (Moscow, Idaho) - 1997 Ford Taurus

A question about tires. Her daughter's car, snow tires almost worn out. Should he let her use them for the summer instead of just throwing them away? Guys says No, because they're lousy on wet and dry roads, and she could have an accident. Will need new snow tires anyway, so he won't save much. Put regular tires on for the Summer, and buy new snow tires now when they may be on sale.

Call 8

Paula Mahoney (Portland, Maine) - 1992 Subaru Legacy

A question about starting. Her car doesn't start in cold weather unless she puts a heated blanket over the engine for 10 minutes. Guys said the blanket was a red herring, try putting it in neutral instead. She did, and car started. Right answer, didn't bother getting it fixed.

Call 9

Kim Munchester (, Florida) - 1994 Volvo 940

A physics question. She has a quiz next week, wants guys to help her answer a question involving a car and a tree. Tommy gives an answer, after call Ray says his answer is bogus.