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#0919: The First Word Was,

Original Air Date: 05.09.2009
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Tom and Ray share wisdom from Woody Allen.

Call 1

Valerie Cappello (Denville, New Jersey) - 2005 Dodge Caravan

Noise/exhaust? There's a humming metal-on-metal noise, from the front of the car. It happens only when she accelerate. She's pregnant and due in a month with 2nd child. Husband hears it selectively, thinks she's overreacting, and it's not worth worrying about. Probably the differential--gears worn out. If they don't fix it, noise will drive them crazy, and eventually gears will stiop working.

Call 2

Stephen Hardy (St. Paul, Minnesota)

A question about buying a car, and jalopy maintenance. He's 17 and is trying to convince parents to let him buy a car. Wants to buy with his own money, but only has $5000 to cover the car, insurance repairs, etc...eyeing a late 80's BMW for $3000. Parents are worried he'll have nothing left over for repairs, and it'll wind up sitting in their driveway. Car will be unreliable, which is a good thing?he won't drive much, and he'll learn how to fix it. In other words, it's a great idea!

Call 3

Rita Thomas (Los Angeles, California) - 1998 Volvo V70

An engine/cooling/heating/cooling/leak question. After starting, the car smells like vanilla cupcakes! A mechanic said it was an antifreeze leak, and he fixed it. NOW, it also smells like chocolate chip cookies. Likely to be the cylinder head gasket that's leaking. Inject dye to locate the leak. The car definitely has a leak somewhere.

Call 4

Christy Hudson (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 2008 BMW 328

A body/static question. She was driving with the top down, when a huge spark flew up from below and shocked her arm. Was it because the top was down and it's unsafe? Guys say it's unrelated to the car, but have no idea what it was--maybe St. Elmo's fire, a firecracker that got tossed from an overpass, or some kind of static discharge.

Call 5

Alberto Moreno (Elizabethtown, Kentucky) - 2006 Honda Civic

A question about brakes. It makes a squeaky noise from the brakes, if he's driving on the highway, around 70mph. If he presses the brake, the noise disappears. Could be a stuck brake caliper, the brake slides may not be moving freely. Possible that also his brakes are worn out and he's hearing the wear sensor. Needs to get it fixed immediately, or he'll eventually lose his brakes.

Call 6

Nancy Grossman (Los Angeles, California) - Volkswagen

A suspension question. She drove from LA to Death Valley, and ran into rock with the middle of the car. A few days later, started getting a squeaking sound, like an old horse and wagon. It squeaks when starting car or when she stands on edge of the car and bounces it up and down. Almost certainly a bad ball joint, unrelated to the Death Valley incident. Get it checked out immediately, a wheel could fall off.

Call 7

Chad Vigew (San Diego, California) - 1996 Nissan Maxima

A question about body/locks. He broke the key off in the lock in the driver's side lock. He though he could pull it out with tweezers, but his sausage fingers pushed it in so it's stuck. What can he do? Needs a new lock and key from the dealer. He'll end up with two keys for the car. Otherwise, go to a locksmith and get the lock repaired.

Call 8

Melissa Luck (Tallahassee, Florida) - 2005 BMW X3

An engine/maintenance/oil/relationship/oil change question. Got car used, with maintenance programm--BMW will cover oil changes, but only once every 15k miles. Husband thinks that's too long, wants to do it every 7500, himself. He's a lawyer, kind of a klutz. Is 15k too long, and will he wreck the car doing it? The extra oil change can't hurt, and doing it will keep him from trying something more dangerous--it'll keep him out of trouble. But insist he get someone experienced to help, so he doesn't strip the threads, etc.