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#0924: Ray's Out on a Limb, Tom's Sawing Off the Branch

Original Air Date: 06.13.2009
Show Open Topic

Listeners correct Ray on a recent puzzler-- the number of ways to get to 26. Turns out, there's more than one way!

Call 1

Victoria Gentile (, Connecticut) - 1999 Subaru Outback

An emissions/exhaust/smell question. After driving, exhuast-like smell coming from front tire. A small amount of oil might be dripping onto a hot exhaust. Could have a leaky valve cover axle, or a torn CV boot that's slinging grease onto the catalytic converter.

Call 2

Joseph Kakareka (Fort Myers, Florida) - 1999 Toyota Camry

He left the windows open during thunderstorm in wife's car, there's water in it, and it's starting to smell like mold. Worried she'll kill him if it's not fixed before she gets home. Best way to deal with it? He needs to run the AC. The air will move through the evaporator and pull out the moisture. Before that, though, use a Sham-Wow to sop up the water, and a wet vac. Also, take it to a detailer, who can spray stuff to kill the mold.

Call 3

Jackie Nelson (Columbia, Missouri) - 1999 Subaru Forester

A suspension/tire question. Whenever she goes over a pothole or speed bump, she hears a normal bump noise, and then right afterwards there is a second 'duh-dump' noise, that she calls a 'bump echo.' Her Husband has looked underneath the car, but he didn't see anything that was loose. It sounds like it's coming from the front right tire. Probably a broken spring, broken at the very bottom.

Call 4

Stephen Faulk (Oakland, California) - 2001 Toyota Tacoma

A suspension question. Loud squeaking going around corners, left or right, mimics it on guitar. Likely a bad ball joint or tie rod end, get it fixed ASAP. Also, girl problem--had a crush on a flamenco dancer, sent her flowers, she was not thrilled, now their friendship is weird. Can he fix it? No, he should move to Fresno.

Call 5

Mallory (, Oklahoma) - 1965 Ford Mustang

dump/keep/restore... Car was dad's in high school and she, at 15, wants it. It doesn't have shoulder seatbelts and it doesn't always start. Worth restoring so she can drive it to school? No, it will never be as safe as a modern car. Her sister has a 2006 Ford Focus that she should take instead, because it's safer.

Call 6

Holly Travis (, Texas) - 1995 Jeep Wrangler

A fuel question. When she puts gas in her car, the car has started to 'kick the gas out' at her. Gas shoots out, sometimes as much as 3 feet. She's had the tank emptied, and removed by a mechanic, but they couldn't find anything wrong. Also her gas gauge doesn't work. Probably a broken valve in the evaporative system telling pump tank is full when it isn't. Gauge problem may require a new sending unit.

Call 7

Paul Romano (Whitefield, New Hampshire) - Dodge

An engine/ fuel question. He had the valves adjusted, new injectors. Power loss, used to idle at 850 now idles at 725, rpms go up and down. They probably screwed up the valve adjustment during the repair. Readjust the valves-they're probably too tight.

Call 8

Grace Gorenflo (State College, Pennsylvania) - Volvo V70

A driving/parking/relationship question. Her husband is a bit of a control freak, and thinks that you should always park the car in gear, even when it's just in the garage, on level ground. She forgot once, car took off, and she wacked her head. Yes, it should always be parked in gear, because parking brakes do fail from time to time. It also makes it harder to push the car. Finally, it's a good habit to develop.