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#0925: A Park Ranger With Enemies

Original Air Date: 06.20.2009
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Why some guys prefer dogs to women.

Call 1

Mike Vogt (Olivia, Minnesota) - 2004 Volkswagen Jetta

A clutch/transmisson question. It's hard to shift between gears, grinds on down shifting, hard to get in an out of 4th especially. Could have damaged the transmission due to insufficient transmission fluid. Change the oil in the transmission, see if a synthetic lubricant is available. Only started recently, so he may be lucky.

Call 2

Kristen Sherwood (Colorado Springs, Colorado) - 2004 Ford Escort

A suspension/brakes question. She thinks her car is either haunted or someone is trying to kill her. Dad's a former mechanic, recently replaced her brake pads and both bolts that hold the calipers on, fell out while she was driving in the mountains. Then, she heard a weird noise, and discovered lug nuts front left tire and they were almost off, and finger loose. Dad might have been distracted during the repair, but maybe her boyfriend's ex-girl,friend or someone she ticketed is out to get her. Buy wheel locks, so the lug nuts can't be loosened, in case someone is after her.

Call 3

Todd Tonnessa (San Rafael, California)

A fuel/gas tank question. He's having a debate with friend about empty gas tanks: he says that bringing it down to empty is bad for engine. His friend thinks you can drive it down to bottom without damaging engine because of fuel injection. His friend is right.. It my wear out the fuel pump, but won't damage the engine. The real danger is running out of gas on the Golden Gate Bridge, and having to push.

Call 4

Angela Nicely (Somerset, Kentucky) - 1997 Ford Explorer

4WD question. It works but light keeps flashing - is it related to transmission? Also, check engine light on. Also, there's a severe humming noise, happened on a really hot day. Coming from under the hood, sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Maybe a vacuum leak--common in these--or a vacuum actuator. That may also be tripping the 4 WD light.

Call 5

Riley (Fort Worth, Texas) - Scion xA

An AC question. The AC went out on his girlfriend's car, put in normal, 1394 refrigerant and now it doesn't get cold. It worked for his car. AC still clicks on. Needs to fix it before her parents get in town so he can look like a decent guy. He could have put too much in, and might have blown the compressor. Needs to take it in somewhere to get a diagnosis.

Call 6

Elizabeth Sullivan (Portland, Oregon) - 2001 Hyundai Accent

A clutch question. Had her clutch replaced in New Orleans 5 years ago. After she got it done, there was a constant chirping noise that goes away when she pushes down on the clutch. She told the guys about it, and they said it would go away after a little while. It's still making the noise. The noise is from the clutch release bearing. They installed a faulty clutch cover. She needs another new clutch, if she wants to get rid of the noise. She can keep using this clutch, however, if she doesn't mind the noise. She wants to say Hi to her Dad for Father's Day, says Tom delivered her Commcement address. Ray tells story about not remembering his Commencement speaker.

Call 7

Amanda Beshears (, Alabama) - 1998 BMW 323

An engine/exhaust question. She doesn't hear anything while driving, but if she pulls up next to a wall she can hear a really loud ticky-ticky-ticky noise. Been doing it for a year, she noticed it after she ran over something 'big and anonymous', and a piece of plastic fell off. She took it to a mechanic, and they said everything was fine, but didn't re-attach plastic and noise is still there. Plastic piece is probably stone guard, unrelated to the noise. Noise could be a stuck valve, a water pump that's about to fail, a sticky valve, worn belt, or a number of other things.

Call 8

Larry Graves Duville (Farmington, Connecticut) - 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

alternator/belt....has gone through 4 alternator belts in the last year. Just repaired timing belt and water pump, and now car has been eating through belts. Either pulley misalignment/coming apart or crank put in wrong/damaged over time. Pulley will disappear eventually. Needs new crank shaft pulley.

Call 9

Allison Glover (Williamstown, Massachusetts) - 1995 Honda Accord

A towing/transmission question. She is moving from MA to CO, and her car is going to be towed behind her on the U-Haul. Which is better, towing the car on a dolly, or having it attached with rear wheels on the ground. Handling might be easier to tow with the dolly. The wear and tear is inconsequential. Also, drive more slowly.