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#0928: A Plaque or a Punch in the Nose?

Original Air Date: 07.11.2009
Show Open Topic

Advice for Americans traveling in France.

Call 1

Aaron Myers (San Francisco, California) - 1988 Toyota Celica

Brakes...makes two noises when he steps on brakes, a squeal and/or a deep Maurice Chevalier' laugh. Probably a warped disc rotor, get it checked out.Also possible it's something more serious, like a ball joint or tie rod end.

Call 2

Mabel (Aspen, Colorado) - Subaru

engine- 182,000 miles, was told her valve cover gasket and head gasket are both leaking. Should she just get a new engine? No--Ray thinks entire leak may be from valve cover, which would be a cheap fix. Even if head gasket needs replacing, still much cheaper than an engine.

Call 3

Steve Mayka (New York, New York) - 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

A seat question. He and his wife were smooching, and reclined the front seat. Couldn't figure out how tomake it go back up-nothing in Owner's manual.Went to local dealer, who asked for 25 bucks in cash, and fixed it n '12.3 seconds'. Was he cheated? No, because the guy did fix the seat----he was paying for his knowledge. Go back, give him another 25 and ask him to show how he did it.

Call 4

Harmony Meryt (Portland, Oregon) - 1994 Acura CL

A brakes question. Her sister's car. Put foot on brake pedal and looked back to attend to child, car rolled into another. Insists she kept her foot on the pedal. Ray believes her and thinks it's a faulty master cylinder. Tom thinks it's bogus, she was distracted must have taken foot off the pedal.

Call 5

Jeanie (, Michigan) - 2001 Dodge Caravan

A question about fuel-- and a fire. At 14,000 miles- caught on fire and burned up- wants to know if the gas tank could have blown, if she should have picked the hood up, or run like hell? She should run like hell--fires are what firefighters and insurance are for.

Call 6

Jessica Sachs (Maplewood, New Jersey)

A buying question. She's retiring to Lasqueti Island in British Columbia. Can't take cars back and forth, so need something they can leave there, and can be fixed on island. Also, island is off the electrical grid. Need something pre-computer? Not necessarily--find out what other people on island drive, and what the local guy 'Norm' is comfortable working on.

Call 7

Steven (Berkeley, California) - 1986 Isuzu Trooper

An engine question. He crossed a deep stream (water up to the hood)... kids cheered, wife gve him a dope slap. Friends telling him water may have gotten into transfer case and caused damage. True? No, if water had gotten in, oil would be coming out--it's not, so car is fine. Only problem is his wife.