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#0931: The Car Talk Ventriloquism Fraud

Original Air Date: 08.01.2009
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray discuss Mechanic's Fantasy Camp.

Call 1

Mary Coffee (Atlanta, Georgia) - 1991 Toyota Corolla

Starting...loves her mechanic Herman, but doesn't think he can fix starting problem--occasionally turns key, nothing. Ray thinks it's starter motor, a common problem on Toyotas, and Herman should be able to fix it.

Call 2

Mike Mills (Vergennes, Vermont) - 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood

Handling... When wheel is turned hard to one side or the other, car bounces. Could me many things--bad shock, power steering belt, ball joints--take it in, could be dangerous.

Call 3

Toni McCloud (Farmingdale, New York) - 1994 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Brakes... 'out of round'... replace or turn?... two dealerships split on which is proper in her case. Can try turning, but may wind up having to replace.

Call 4

Gary Jacobs (, Florida) - 1995 Toyota Pickup

The mechanic down the street swaps Gary car care for medical care (he's a doctor)...Gary noticed guy had trouble doing an oil change, didn't know about taking off panel, made it more difficult. Should he tell him? Guy may find out himself if he starts talking to other mechanics. Or, Gary could remove panel before taking the car over.

Call 5

Sue (, Pennsylvania) - 1995 GMC Jimmy

Noise when starting in cold temperatures. It makes a roaring noise. Doesn't affect power, doesn't get louder when engine revs. Worse in cold weather. Ray believes it's a worn out belt or belt tensioner.

Call 6

Ethan Hubbard (Washington, Connecticut) - 1977 Volkswagen Van

A driving question. He's a writer/photographer, travels the backroads around the country in 'Van Go'...frequently asks directions and can never remember them, because he gets distracted. Try getting a tape recorder and recording directions.

Call 7

Mary Shea (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) - 1988 Dodge Shadow

An interior question. Her dad just moved in with them, brought his car. Her husband is too tall for seat...Surgery on the car? Cut a hole in the roof? Sunroof? Guys suggest finding a power seat, try junkyard.

Call 8

Jeff Epier (, Nebraska)

A driving question. He doesn't drive. Promised his girlfriend he'd get a license over the summer, wants guys to bail him out. He doesn't really want a license--takes the bus and gets rides from girlfriends. Tom agrees, he shouldn't get a license.

Call 9

Jann (Little Rock, Arkansas) - 1995 Honda del Sol

Dog gets car-sick and pukes, so she needs something bigger. Any way to test drive with dog to see if it'll be okay? Not really, unless she sneaks in at night. Guys suggest a pickup truck with a cap, so dog can ride in the back, and it's easier to wash out if dog gets sick.