Show Rundown

#0932: Zap This

Original Air Date: 08.08.2009
Show Open Topic

A plea for hate mail to Car Talk to be more civilized.

Call 1

Roseanna Jones (, California)

Noise... friend's car, borrowed it for the summer. Makes s high vibrating noise from underneath when she steps on gas--not sure if it's only when moving. Guys say if it makes the noise when she's idling, it's a heat shield. If it only happens when moving, could be a backing plate, or pebble caught somewhere.

Call 2

Jose Gomez Marquez (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

brake disk... car fell off the jack and car landed on tire, brake disk hit the ground. Doesn't want to go to the dealer. Will a wheel fall off? Did he do serious damage? Ray says probably not, it landed on a compression spring, should be fine. Tom says it's worth getting it looked at to be safe.

Call 3

Bob Huber (Washington, District Of Columbia)

Speedo--was driving to family reunion, and speedo dial went wacko, reading 95 mph, etc...Engine also started hesitating. Problem is faulty vehicle speed sensor, sending erroneous signal to engine, making it mis-behave.

Call 4

Heather Guyton (, Washington)

Is it safe? She's a student, wants to drive across country to see her parents in Maine. Engine makes noise after she shuts off car, also makes other noises, and has trouble shifting when cold. One problem is, it's dieseling...guys say it probably won't make it across country.

Call 5

Matt Werber (Chicago, Illinois)

A body question. Got $5000 discount because it's dented from hail damage. Heard he can fix dents with dry ice. True? Guys don't know about dry ice, suggest he check our site, or go to a junkyard, and experiment on another car. Can also try Dent gypsies.

Call 6

Alexandra Jenkins (, Vermont)

Engine... when idling w ac on, shaking and ticking sound coming from engine. Probably a bad AC compressor clutch, or compressor.

Call 7

Richard Kirschman (Dogtown, California)

An electrical question. He raises goats, but they keep climbing on cars. A big problem on his girlfriend Doris'Alfa- Romeo. Wants to hook charger to cars so goats get a little zap, will learn to stop. Safe for cars? Ray says it could ruin the car, or void warranty. Tom thinks it could work, but isn't very nice.