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#0934: He Could Be Driving Without Pants!

Original Air Date: 08.22.2009
Show Open Topic

Road trips from Hell, from our listeners.

Call 1

Cherie Shropshire (, Florida) - 1995 Lexus ES 350

An AC/heating question. Got car for free--2 problems. 1. Water pubbles on floor of rear passenger seat. 2. After an hour of AC use, makes a weird ghostly sound, and then the AC blows hot air. First problem is plugged evaporator drain, easy to fix. Second is likely AC compressor going bad--belt squealing. Expensive to fix, may try living with it--use AC less.

Call 2

Beth Lollis (Belton, South Carolina)

A fuel/ filling up question. Dad shakes the car when fills up the tank, embarrassing her and her mother--he's trying to 'burp the car', get as much gas as possible, to reduce number of fill-ups. Is this shaking helpful or just wacky? It's useless and wacky, and if he's overfilling tank, could damage catalytic converter. But they might consider allowing him to keep doing it, or he'll do something even more odd--like driving without pants.

Call 3

Howard Darvin (, Ohio) - 2006 BMW 530

An animals/body question. Two birds pinned into radiator and have been hermetically sealed in there, now has flies and bees circling car 'a veritable Noah's Ark of pestilence'. He's too cheap to take it in to be disassembled. Birds are stuck in the splash pan. He's going to have to have someone take down the splash pan, or he can do it himself by removing a few screws.

Call 4

Amanda Carlson (Middletown, Connecticut) - 1993 Ford Ranger

Shaking. Parents loaned her truck for the Summer, told her not to kill it'. It 'shakes like a wet dog', all the time. Wants to fix it before returning it, but finances are limited. Could be as simple as a fouled spark plug, a burned out valve, or a spark plug wire that has fallen off. Or, it could be a vacuum leak, which would cost nothing to replace. Bring baked goods to mechanic, they may take care of for nothing.

Call 5

Chris Gullen (Farmington, Michigan)

An electrical question. He has a bet going with his engineer friend. His friend says that when using a keyless entry, if you hold it to your chin, it increases the range of the remote. Chris says this is BOGUS! Has tried it himself, and sometimes it works--Ray offers a series of explanations--dispersion, canyon effect, better focusing, admits he doesn't know what he's talking about, suggests we may get better explanations on site.

Call 6

Ben Triplett (Bellingham, Washington) - 1997 Honda Accord

A brakes/ABS question. His car moos at him, once every 30 sec-2 minutes, the moo lasts about 1-4 seconds, and then ABS light somes on and stays on. Probably a bad ABS sensor--he should get it fixed, because while brakes still work, it'd be nice to have ABS.

Call 7

Corey Miller (Duwajack, Michigan) - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

A steering question. Whenever he turns left, and turns the wheel to the right, there is a loud bang that he can feel through the wheel. Plays tape of noise. He has a friend who has a similar car, and he says it's the steering box, but this guy thinks it is something in the steering column. Could be the steering box, which is bad, or the steering column--also possible it's a ball joint.

Call 8

Ashley (Jacksonville, Florida) - 2001 Saturn SC

An engine/idling question. Thinks car has anxiety problem. When it starts, revs high, around 1.5k-2k. Once the car is driven for a little while it idles normally, sometimes it shudders when she turns it off. Could be simple--a faulty coolant temperature sensor, or a vacuum leak. Check engine light should come on soon, then it'll e easy to diagnose.

Call 9

Reggie Bassette (Chesterfield, Virginia) - 1995 Lincoln Town Car

A dump/keep/buy/stimulus package question. He is 6' 5', car has 431,000 miles on it, and it is on its 3rd engine. Wife wants to trade it in, but engine has lifetime warranty, car runs great otherwise, and he can't find anything else in which he can sit comfortably. He can try a Cadillac DTS, or just keep the Lincoln--could be an 'outlier', and may run forever.