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#0940: The Dashboard Dog Food Dispenser

Original Air Date: 10.03.2009
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The world's funniest jokes.

Call 1

Joe Kelly (, New York) - 1998 Nissan Altima

A fuel question. He ran the gas tank down to vapors. Now, gas pump shuts off every few seconds when he tries to fill up. Problem is valve between the gas tank and evaporator. He may have croaked it by over-filling the tank after running it so low. Vapors not escaping, so tank thinks it's full when it's not. Easy fix.

Call 2

Shelly Bacha (, Colorado) - 1997 Ford Explorer

AC/dog food. Turned on AC one day, heard rattling sound, and dog food began spitting out of passenger vent. Her dog is in heaven! Guys say mice got into her bag of dog food in the garage, and stored chunks in her car, in the squirrel cage of the blower. Easy to remove the cage and get the rest of the dog food out. Also, secure dog food better in the garage so it doesn't happen again.

Call 3

Bill Sullivan (Homer Spit, Alaska)

starting... When it rains, it's hard to start. Tries a few times, lets it sit, and finally it will start. Depends on this for fishing. Last changed points 2 years ago--that's likely the problem. Points are likely cooked. May also need to replace condenser and wires.

Call 4

Kelly Vuzalka (, Arizona) - Mercedes-Benz

leaking fluid from above the accelerator pedal. No smell, tastes like water, but feels a little oily. Guys think it's probably antifreeze, but that would seem sweet. Small chance its brake fluid, but hard to see how that would get inside the car. Open the hood, feel brake fluid and antifreeze feel like, and compare to the stuff in the car. Stuff is poisonous, so don't taste it.

Call 5

Nikki Noilini (, Massachusetts) - 1993 Jeep Cherokee

A suspension question. If car is fully loaded, she hears a a loud noise when she makes a right turn. It seems to come from the rear, 1 loud 'bong', regardless of how fast she's going. Had shocks and struts checked, they're fine. Guys aren't sure if this has leaf or coil springs. If it's the latter, that's likely the problem. Take it back to shop, ask them to check springs.

Call 6

Zach Gerger (, North Carolina) - 2001 Chevrolet Suburban

Parks under pine trees, sap got on car, tried to clean it off with abrasives, took off 2 'softball sized' sections of clearcoat. Need to go to a body shop, get it buffed, and blame it on his kids--may just be able to fix those spots, if he's lucky. In future, try liquid bug and tar remover.

Call 7

Pamela Baker (, Washington) - 1986 Toyota Tercel

Noise. Starts car in the morning, it's fine. After about 5 minutes of driving, starts getting roaring sound, like car is screaming. Will happen all the way to work, 20 minutes of 'in-town' driving.Problem is stcky throttle in carburetor, because she doesn't do enough highway driving to 'blow out the gunk'. Spray carburetor cleaner in secondary throttle, should fix the problem.

Call 8

John Penovich (Silver Springs, Maryland) - 1994 Dodge Caravan

Noise question. Hears a 'chirp' every 11 seconds, only when moving, it seems louder at higher speeds, but frequency doesn't change. Ray thinks it's the AC compressor, but it happens when AC is off. tom thinks loose heat shield, but 11 seconds doesn't fit. Seems to be coming from the rear. Guys are baffled, suggest he go to our website for help from other listeners.