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#0941: How to Exit a Hearse While Still Breathing

Original Air Date: 10.10.2009
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The true cost of growing tomatoes.

Call 1

Malcolm Rockefeller (Cambridge, Massachusetts) - 2000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

When he turns to the right, it makes a high pitched 'la-la-la-la' sound. Dealership put power steering fluid in but it didn't help. Guys think it's belt-related--power steering belt is either loose or cracked, or it could be belt tensioner.

Call 2

Jenny (Phoenix, Arizona) - 2001 Ford Escape

Engine/throttle. When the car is cold--starts it, and it seems like it's going to stall. Also happens on highway, above 65 mph. Makes revving noise--she steps on gas to even out the noise. Hasn't had it looked at, because it never actually does. Problem is likely a sticky/dirty throttle--may just need a cleaning. Could also be a vacuum leak, may be a TSB on it. Get it looked at.

Call 3

Shaindel Simes (Ottawa, Canada, ) - Chevrolet Astro

Buying/roadtrip. She has 8 kids, and is planning to take them all on a road trip to St. Paul MN next Summer. Doesn't want to take the Astrovan, looking for something that can hold 10 people and luggage. Guys suggest a Dodge Sprinter, Ray mentions his dream of owning an old school bus. Other option--buy Greyhound Bus tickets for everyone.

Call 4

Jimmy Coe (, Indiana) - 1995 Chevrolet Suburban

engine/sensors--At a stoplight or on highway, car will die--engine just says, 'I don't want to go'. He's always able to restart it. One mechanic suggested it might be tranny. guys say it's not the tranny, problem is either fuel or spark-related. Get a fuel pressure gauge to see if it's a fuel problem. If that's not it, could be crank sensor, ignition coil, or a computer problem. Will be difficult to diagnose when it's not having the problem, so hope it dies on him and won't restart.

Call 5

Erin Andrus (, California) - 1994 Saab 900

Motor mount. The bracket on the passenger side motor mount keeps breaking--has replaced several times over the year she's owned the car. She hasn't had an accident, and doesn't 'rally drive.' Problem may be due to stresses on bracket from frame straightening that wasn't done to spec. Take it to a frame specialist, or dealer, and get frame checked.

Call 6

Dave Royle (Rockville, Maryland) - 1990 Nissan Quest

hearing/diagnosing by sound.... Grew up tinkering with cars and could diagnose sounds on car. Now He's losing hearing and has to rely on wife to tell him about it. She can't really translate the sounds he used to hear. Sent her to the Noise Emporium on our site.

Call 7

Alejandro (Albany, New York) - 1998 Nissan 200SX

Brakes. When he's going downhill and steps on brake, hears a loud thumping sound that slows down as car slows. Also gets shaking/vibration from behind steering wheel. Problem is a badly warped or rusted brake rotor--dangrous, because his braking distance is increasing. Get it fixed, even if he wants to sell the car.

Call 8

Dawn Sandera (Bimidji, Minnesota) - Volkswagen Vanagon

starting... car wouldn't start, discovered that wacking on solenoid with a pinata would get it to start. Ordered a new starter, but now it starts every time--should they keep the new starter? Yes, because they may have just fixed it temporarily. Usual starter problem on these is a bad spot on the commutator, which will likely reappear. Could also be a loose wire or connection at starter.

Call 9

Steve Doherty (Fort Launderdale, Florida) - Cadillac Fleetwood

Door/latch. He recently bought the hearse in Tulsa, OK. While driving home, he locked himself in the casket compartment--no handle on inside to open the rear door. Can he install one? Yes, just remove the velvet and panel on the door--should see latch mechanism where he can install a handle--can do something stylish.