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#0942: When Turkeys Attack!

Original Air Date: 10.17.2009
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You know it's time to diet, when...

Call 1

Lana (, Idaho) - 1995 Buick Regal

A questions about the shifter. In the morning, can't get shifter out of Park into Drive. Button won't engage, she has to beat on it. Once it shifts, it's fine for the rest of the day. Tried silicone spray, been doing it for a year, worse in colder weather. Problem is in the shift lockout mechanism--it's gummed up, for some reason. Need to take it to a mechanic, and have them take shifter apart to see what's going on.

Call 2

Sonja Zalota (Florence, Alabama) - 1996 Hyundai Accent

A transmission question. When she accelerates from a stop, it sputters, bounces and jerks, makes horrible noises and takes forever to get up to speed. Worse going uphill--can't go faster than 5 mph. Idles fine. Check Engine light has been blinking on, she covers it with a smiley face sticker to pretend it's not. Could be a lot of things--oxygen sensor, a fouled plug causing it to run on only 3 cylinders, or a clogged fuel or air filter. Need to take it in.

Call 3

Greg Hamblin (, Utah) - 2000 Subaru Outback

A question about engine/fuel. His check engine light came on about a year ago. His father-in-law said to just try some fuel system cleaner. He did, and the light turned off. After about 3k miles it came back on, so he added more cleaner, and light shut off again. Is he hurting the car by doing this? Tom and Ray think problem is likely a crudded up oxygen sensor, cleaner loosening stuff to fix it temporarily. Also could be knock sensor. Should get it fixed, could be doing long-term damage.

Call 4

Jake Cowan (Chicago, Illinois) - 1993 Toyota Corolla

A body/defroster question. His car doesn't have a rear defroster, wasn't a problem in warmer climates, now in Winter, wife has to constantly spray deicer so he can see out the back. Concerned about fumes--any after-market defroster he can buy? Tom and Ray say check to see if car is wired for a defroster--if it is, he can just replace the rear windshield. If there isn't, has to get it wired. Don't use stick-on defrosters--they don't work.

Call 5

Emilie O'Connor (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) - 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

brakes. Husband's car, she's been driving it for a few weeks. When she's on highway, and steps on brakes at 55 mph or above, hears 'duh duh duh' sound, steering wheel shakes. She doesn't want him to know she's calling. How can she avoid getting blamed? Problem is likely warped disc rotors, and not her fault--husband may brake differently, so he never noticed. Need to get it fixed--tell husband a co-worker noticed it, and suggested brakes were bad.

Call 6

Maitland Jones (, New Jersey) - 2008 Toyota Prius

A questions about his car's body and animals. This Summer, a flock of turkeys attacked his Prius, pecking at it. Has no idea why, or how to stop it. Prius is bright blue, guys speculate the turkeys drawn to color, or seeing their reflection, suggest he buy a camouflage car cover at an Army-Navy store.

Call 7

Jeff Degallery (, Maine) - Lincoln

exhaust/engine question. Landlord's car. Jeff replaced the alternator and regulator, but then it wouldn't start. Replaced coil, and it started fine. Next day, when he started it, got a really loud backfire and blew a hole in the muffler the size of a 'small bowling ball'. What caused it? Problem was likely a result of excessive uncombusted gas in the exhaust. New coil gave enough spark to make them go kabom.

Call 8

Kristin Simonson (, Massachusetts) - 1998 Honda Civic

Her car was broken into and the airbag and computer were taken. Her garage sent it to a place in Revere. When she got it back, check engine was light on, alignment was worse, the acceleration was jerky, and she found a receipt in the car for valet parking at restaurant in Revere. Guys said alignment problem was tire rim damage (correct), and jerkiness was an engine misfire (wrong). Engine problem was actually because the Revere guys put in a bad computer, so she had to buy another.

Call 9

Elizabeth Dudley (, ) - Jaguar S-Type

body... inherited car from her mother-in-law. Her brother says she should get the car rust proofed. She investigated, learned hat they have to drill holes into the car in the process. True? And, does that make it a bad idea? Yes, it's true, and drilling holes can/will compromise the paint. Better to garage the car over Winter, when roads are salted, and rusting will be more likely. Get a Winter beater.