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#0952: Tire Pressure Phobia

Original Air Date: 12.26.2009
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The worst analogies from high school essays!

Call 1

Beverly McGraw (Williamsburg, Virginia) - 1982 Toyota Corolla

An engine question. When she shuts off car, it makes a whirring noise which eventually sputters out. Car is dieseling--could be caused by engine rpm too high, timing being off, or excessive carbon buildup. Check rpm and timing--if they'r e okay, try higher octane fuel, or cleaner such as 44K.

Call 2

Russell (, Connecticut) - 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

A heat question. It only works on highest setting, and it's very noisy. Can he fix it himself? Problem is blower motor resistor, needs to be replaced. Pretty easy to do, but can only get the part from a dealer. Tricky part is finding it, but he should be able to do it.

Call 3

Marianne (Charlottesville, Virginia) - 1991 Dodge Caravan

A question about jumping batteries.Her battery was dead. Neighbor is a refugee from Kosovo--he removed the battery from his truck, placed it directly on hers and got it to charge without jumper cables. Are jumper cables just a marketing ploy, or is this dangerous? This is dangerous--you could drop the battery, spill acid, or get a spark that could cause it to blow up. His method was out of necessity, and not the preferred way to do this.

Call 4

Jason Tuchin (Needham, Massachusetts) - 1997 Honda Civic

Exhaust/rattle. Got car new--when he goes over rough road, hears a rattle coming from underneath the center of the car. Only happens when he's alone. Dealer said it's because one wheel is off the ground. Is is something to worry about? Guys say dealer explanation is bogu, but this is probably nothing serious. This car is tight, and could just be exhaust hitting the heat shield, or floor of car. Got to a dealer and test-drive another Civic, see if it makes same noise.

Call 5

Robyn Schrager (, Missouri) - 1996 Ford Escort

A question about speedometer noise. When she goes 55 mph, speedometer needle shoots up to 70-90mph, and she hears a hissing sound from the dash. Happens at lower speeds, but less severe. Guys believe this car has a vehicle speed sensor instead of a speedo cable. VSS needs to be replaced--sending a bad signal, causing the needle to jump, and may also be causing a computer error that's creating the hiss.

Call 6

Stacey Wooley (, New Hampshire)

A buying questions. She's a former Olympic biathlete, just moved back to US. Driving to Utah for new job, needs a cheap car for the drive and her Utah life. Looking at two Volvos and two Subarus--one Subaru has 118,000 miles, costs 1,000 dollars. The other has 195,000 miles, costs 400 dollars. Tom and Ray says forget the Volvos, they'll be lousy in the snow...suggest she go for the Subaru with higher miles, but get it looked over first.

Call 7

Peterson Toscano (, Tennessee) - Volkswagen

A question about tires and phobias. He 'knew someone' who's tire blew up as they were filling it, now he's scared to do it. What are chances of tire blowing up, and what can he do to protect himself? Ray says chance is 1-in-10 million, likely caused by putting air into an already over-inflated tire. Best way to prevent it is to get a good tire gauge. Can also just have someone else fill his tires, or drive around with a football helmet.