Show Rundown

#1002: No Respect at All

Original Air Date: 01.09.2010
Show Open Topic

A few of our favorite jokes from Rodney Dangerfield.

Call 1

Sam Boutin (Burlington, Vermont)

An engine/revving in idle question. Car overheated, and he found antifreeze was low, with a chunk of ice in the coolant overflow container. Added antifreeze, now car revs loudly at idle, and has white smoke coming out the tailpipe. Guys say the engine froze because of lack of antifreeze. Now it's surging because engine can't get a reading from coolant temp sensor. The white smoke means he has a blown head gasket, a cracked head, a cracked block, or all three. Likely need a new (or junkyard) engine.

Call 2

Casey Singer (Driggs, Idaho)

4WD... Whenever she shifts out of 4wd she gets a clunking noise and the car jolts. But it does come out of 4wd, and is fine going into 4wd. Guys think one of her freewheeling hubs is sticking--may just be due to crud buildup, and they may just need to be cleaned and/or re-greased. Easy fix.

Call 3

Wendy Peterson (Brookfield, Connecticut)

An engine question. She uses it to drive her dogs around. When she parks and walks a few yards away, she hears a loud metalling thunking sound from underneath...usually in a set of three. Worse on short trips. Dad and her mechanic don't hear it. Guys fumble for an answer (power antenna, catalytic converter, gas tank), finally decide it's her load-leveling suspension being slow to adjust, but also suggest she look for other opinions on Car Talk site.

Call 4

Michele Astor (Washington, District Of Columbia)

A starting question Her car was 'courtesy' towed by DC. Now it has trouble starting--Lights come on, and she hears a click, but takes three or four tries to get it to start. She put in a new battery. Dad hit something under the hood and it started right up, but he doesn't know what he hit! Guys think she needs a new starter--after call Ray suggests neutral safety switch. Likely had nothing to do with the tow.

Call 5

Eric Farrell (Denver, Colorado)

An exhaust/drivetrain/transmission question. Drove it into a ditch, bent B-pipe--went for a cheap fix, had a welder patch the pipe rather than replace it. Now, when he goes through a puddle, hears a rattle, coughing sound coming from underneath. He turns up the radio to drown it out, but his wife isconcerned. Something to worry about? Guys think it's just the different expansion rates of the metal around the patch. He can forget about it, but only way to get the noise to go away is to replace the pipe.

Call 6

Amorette Allison (Mile City, Montana)

A body/electrical question. Husband is fastidious about clearing ice off rear windhsield, she's worried about damaging the wires. So, is it better to scrape with the grain, or against? Doesn't matter, because the wires are either between the glass or on the inside, so they're protected. Guys also commend her husband for scraping.

Call 7

Andy Zellers (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

A buying question. Wife drives an Accord, he has a 4Runner he uses for hauling wood and towing. He has two little boys, and he misses driving something fun--wants to dump the Accord for a Volvo V70R, but his wife doesn't like the idea, wants to keep her Accord. Guys side with the wife--V70R not a good car for them, and if he really wants to dump something, should get rid of the 4Runner. They suggest he keep the cars and sign up for a racing class, and get it out of his system.

Call 8

Amy Cooper (San Francisco, California)

When stopped on a hill, and she steps on the gas, car rolls backwards and stutters DT-DT-DT. The guys say she has a classic engine misfire. They suggest taking it someplace to have someone look at it, before she accidentally backs into a mobster.

Call 9

Kathy Collins (Cincinnati, Ohio)

A question about body and birds. A female cardinal has taken to perching on the front passenger side door, and preening herself using the side mirror. After she's done, she likes to relieve herself down the side of the car, and Kathy is sick of taking her car to the car-wash. Is there something she can put on the car to stop this bird, that won't damage the finish of her new car? The guys suggest she fold in her mirrors. And maybe put a mirror someplace else on her property.