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#1003: The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Original Air Date: 01.16.2010
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The obituary of Prince Georgio of Seborga.

Call 1

Jackie Gagne (Liberty, Maine)

A heating/cooling question. The heater doesn't work when the temperature is below freezing. She had heater core and radiator flushed, and put a new thermostat in, but nothing's worked. It's probably time for a new heater core. It's an expensive, labor-intensive job, but she has to bite the bullet.

Call 2

Megan Woodhead (Medford, Oregon)

transmission/clutch/brake...parks in 1st gear, without parking brake on. Over the summer, she noticed the car had moved downhill from where she parked it. A few days later, the car drifted downhill towards the sidewalk with the engine off. What's going on? It's probably the clutch wearing out, or it could be low engine compression. And, she should park in reverse.

Call 3

Malcolm Rockefeller (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

When he turns to the right, it makes a high pitched 'la-la-la-la' sound. Guys thought it was the belt or belt tensioner--and were right! But, while Malcom was getting it fixed, the dealership talked him into dumping the car and buying a new Mercedes.

Call 4

Mike Garnier (Scapoose, Oregon)

A suspension/differential question. He gets a clunk from back axle area when moving from a stop--sounds like a bowling ball rolling forward. Replaced back axle, but it didn't fix it. Ray thinks it's the transmission, worn out gears on the differential. He needs to have a mechanic look at it. Also should make sure the tranny fluid isn't low or dirty.

Call 5

Cher Goodchild (Wilmington, Delaware)

An electrical/body/leak question. Convertible top is leaking where it folds into the backseat. When it rains, car fills up with water, lights stop working and radio makes police siren noise. Dealer says top can't be fixed, needs to be replaced. Is there a cheaper fix? No, but maybe she can get her insurance to help. Also, she needs to get water out, or mold will form.

Call 6

Jeff Hidlum (St Louis, Missouri)

A suspension/steering question. 2WD, delivers mail in it. Squeaking in front end, when you push it down it squeaks. Replaced shocks/struts but still does it. Also does it when turning wheel. Either a ball joint or a tie-rod end that''s out of grease. The joint needs to be replaced. Listen with a piece of hose.

Call 7

Barbara Gray (Weatogue, Connecticut)

4WD/AWD/Driving/snow question. She just got an Acura RDX, husband got a Forester --they disagree over which is better in the snow. Gus go with her car, because it has a locking differential, and better ground clearance. But, the turbo can make it more difficult to drive in snow, so don't hit the gas too hard.

Call 8

Beatrice Ferrara (Cookstown, Pennsylvania)

An insects/cockroaches question. Parents' car, bought dad a Madgascar hissing cockroach for Dad's birthday. It escaped in the car, and she learned it was a pregnant female. Mom found the roach, but i t wasn't pregnant anymore. Now, there may be several hundred baby cockroaches in the car. What to do? Guys suggest dry ice--put a large block in, leave car overnight, and hope the cold and CO2 get rid of the roaches. Don't do it with people in the car, because they'll black out and die.