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#1005: A Used-Car Salesman Repents

Original Air Date: 01.30.2010
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The story of a used car salesman who comes clean-- at the last possible moment.

Call 1

Kim Terrio (, Virginia) - Dodge

A cooling system question. The engine overheats--temp gauge shoots up quickly, especially when heat is on. Replaced radiator, thermostat, cooolant temp sensor, didn't help. Also losing coolant, smells antifreeze. Ray thinks it's a leaky head gasket. Tom thinks coolant is leaking on temp gauge. Ray thinks Tom is nuts.

Call 2

Paul Jenka (Irwin, Pennsylvania) - Buick

A clutch question. The car has 130,000 miles on it. He's about to retire and tow this on back of RV...concerned about clutch dying on him in middle of nowhere. Mechanic said there's no way to visibly inspect clutch on this car. Any other way to see if it's going? He can do the classic clutch slip test, or try laying on hands. Ray thinks clutch may last forever, since it's already gone well beyond its life expectancy.

Call 3

Shonta Ness (Detroit, Michigan) - 1988 Honda Accord

An engine question. It idles low, has to keep foot on the gas to keep it from stalling. Can she adjust idle herself? Not too difficult to adjust, but run risk of setting it too high. Also, problem is sporadic, which indicates it's not the idle speed, but the carburetor causing the problem. Low float level in carb, causing minor engine flooding. May need new/rebuilt carb.

Call 4

Shawn Caravan (Montreal, Canada, ) - 1993 Dodge Caravan

A noise. When he runs the defroster or AC, he hears a whistling noise, followed by a chuckling sound. Guys say it's the sound of the AC compressor dying--easy to check himself by finding the source of the noise.

Call 5

Monica Kilgus (Minneapolis, Minnesota) - 1995 Toyota Tercel

An exhaust question She notices a lot of exhaust coming from cars on really cold days. Was behind one car that was blowing smoke rings out the does this happen? Exhaust is usually just water vapor. Smoke rings can be caused when there's an interruption somehwere, such as en engine miss.

Call 6

Ron Boyes (, Florida) - 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon

An engine question. It runs rough when it rains, also hears buzzing noise. Better on highway. Tried replacing fuel pump, didn't help. Decided it was a vacuum leak, followed advice he'd heard on show to squirt propane to find the source of the leak. Got a big explosion. Didn't find leak. Problem isn't a vacuum leak, it's a bad spark plug wire. And, guys said not to try propane test at home.

Call 7

Danni McGlaughlin (, Oregon) - 1989 Land Rover Range Rover

A keep/dump question. She bought used, in the midst of 'Pregnancy Induced Insanity', has already dumped lots of money into it, and husband can't fit in it. Husband wants to trade it in, she wants to keep it.She should have gotten it checked before she bought. Guys suggest getting it looked at thoroughly, and setting a maximum amount they're willing to spend. Ultimately, pretty much side with husband.