Show Rundown

#1008: People Like to Listen to Idiots

Original Air Date: 02.20.2010
Show Open Topic

Ever wonder what kids have to say about our lousy show? Now's your chance to find out!

Call 1

Kellie Dodd (, Ohio) - 1986 Honda Accord

An engine question. While driving to school, began 'bogging out', get up to 65 mph, and engine cuts off. Rebuilt carburetor, new needles and float--didn't help. Tried gas additive, Dad replaced the fuel pump, cleaned and re-sealed gas tank--still didn't fix it. Dad didn't replace the external fuel filter, which is what the guys think is causing the problem. Simple 6-dollar fix.

Call 2

Robert Brudny (Princeton, New Jersey) - 1991 Ford Escort

An engine question. He's a Physicist at Princeton. Mechanics keep telling him to replace the timing belt, but he's a cheapskate. Car has 86,000 miles, timing belt was supposed to last 60. Guys think he should do it--if timing belt breaks, it won't wreck the engine, but the car will stop running, which could be dangerous if he's on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Call 3

Jim Griggs (, California) - 1988 Chevrolet Pickup

A starter question. He turns key, engine cranks, but truck won't start. Turns off key, starter keeps cranking. Finally disconnected battery to make it stop. Problem is solenoid in starter--fusable links are cooked.

Call 4

Nariv Fatale (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1999 Jeep Wrangler

A horn question. He left top down during overnight rainstorm . Came out next morning, top was on, neighbor said his horn had started going at 5 AM. Now horn doesn't work, did neighbor disconnect something? Guys said it was probably a fuse, and neighbor may have done it. Answer--he talked to neighbor, who denied doing anything, but helped him track down bad fuse, but that didn't fix the horn. Went to dealer, who said he rusted horn by drving in a river. Wrong answer.

Call 5

Kristy Freels (Rineyville, Kentucky) - 1997 Dodge Avenger

An engine question. She gets ticking sound, speeds up as car speeds, gets quieter as car warms up. worse in cold weather. Check engine light comes on a few times a week, car is leaking oil. Ray thinks she's got crack in the exhaust manifold--crack is biggest when car is coldest. Can test herself by stuffing a potato in the tailpipe, or take it to a mechanic who should be able to track it down easily.

Call 6

Mark Schneider (Boise, Idaho) - 1986 Dodge Colt

An oil filter question. Hid daughter crushed front of car, so now oil filter can't be removed. How often should he change the oil to keep filter fro getting hopelessly clogged? Guys say to change the oil every 2-3,000 miles. This car's filter is designed so it can be bypassed.

Call 7

Barbara Straws (, Oregon) - 1996 Mazda Protege

A question about buying a car. She bought 12 acres of rain forest in Panama, no road access. What's the difference between ATV, 4WD, and AWD, and what should she get to use down there? Guys suggest buying something down there--something simple, that can be fixed there like a 1970's Jeep.