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#1013: The Wisdom of Yogi

Original Air Date: 03.27.2010
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Our favorite quotes from Yogi Berra.

Call 1

Emily (Kansas City, Missouri)

A transmission question. Bough the car for 600 dollars. The car hasn't been accelerating too well, so she had her brother check the tranny fluid, and it was really low. So they filled it up, and now the car won't go into reverse. She cooked the tranny by running it low on fluid, needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Get the rest of the car checked for safety before deciding if it's worth doing the tranny.

Call 2

John Ward (Greenwich, Connecticut)

A body/rust question. It's showing rot. Doesn't want to spend a lot. Can he just put patch panels over the rusted areas? Probably not. If the rust is widespread, he's only buying a year or two of time. Should probably replace the entire bed--look for one in the Southwest, likely to be less rusty. Get a local trade school to install it, it'll be a good project for the kids.

Call 3

Rebecca Sides (Lusk, Wyoming)

An engine oil question. She just bought this car, and the previous owner used synthetic oil. Should she keep using it? Or switch back to regular? There are some advantages to synthetic: better lubrication during cold starts, longer interval between changes. Might as well keep using it.

Call 4

Mari Martin (Santa Barbara, California)

An engine/fuel question. Moving from Santa Barbara to Rockport, MA. In city driving, occasionally when she comes to a stop and steps on the accelerator, feels like no gas--car bucks. Took it to two mechanics, couldn't figure it out. Could be a clogged fuel filter, but that's unlikely because it behaves on the highway. Could be the throttle position switch. Ray recalls a Volvo with a similar problem that wound up being fuel pump, so get that checked too.

Call 5

Mike (Fishtail, Montana)

A clutch question. Whenever the temp is below 0, all of his clutch fluid leaks out. He's had the slave cylinder replaced 2x now. What can he do? It's the clutch master cylinder that needs to be replaced--shrinkage from cold weather is allowing fluid to escape, or air to get in.

Call 6

Penelope Corcoran (Seattle, Washington)

A dump/keep question. She needs to get rid of one of these cars. Has been following two Click and Clack tenets--kept the truck because they say it's cheaper to spend 1000-dollars on repairs than to buy a new car. Got the Fit because guys say new cars are safer. Which advice should she follow? Guys say dump the truck and keep the Fit-safety advances make their old advice about keeping old cars outdated.

Call 7

Bev Ehrich (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)

An engine question. Was making thumping sound, took it to the dealer who said it was the sound dampener. Had that replaced, now hears a ticking sound from the engine, whether or not car is moving. Ticking is probably unrelated to the other work, but go back to the dealer. Could be as simple as a worn belt, a bad coil or a loose spark plug. Could also be a lifter or valve, which would be more expensive.

Call 8

Nathan Rockafellow (Eliot, Maine)

Brakes. Has done a lot of brake work himself--recently did pads, rotors, calipers. Since being in really cold weather, when he steps on the brake, hears a loud moaning sound, seems to be coming from the booster. Problem is indeed the booster--diaphragm is degraded.

Call 9

Joe Spaniol (Kansas City, Kansas)

A body question. Was changing oil on his Civic in the snow, stripped the plug. Borrowed roommate's BMW to go get the coming home, slid in the snow, and put a big scratch in the BMW. Any cheap options on fixing it without making it look like a homemade job? If it's true black, it could be fixed at any body shop. It'll cost a few hundred bucks, but he's lucky he didn't damage the bumper. Also, he probably stripped the oil pan not the plug on his Civic.