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#1014: We're Just Here to Steer the Ship

Original Air Date: 04.03.2010
Show Open Topic

Disorder in the Court! Some of our favorite questions and answers from courtroom proceedings.

Call 1

Raymond Zent (, Utah) - 1994 Chevrolet Lumina

A heating/cooling question. When he turns the blower above low, he hears a grinding sound, like a chickenbone caught in a fan. Guys say that is kind of what he's hearing--some piece of the fan is broken off--maybe a vein rattling around, or it could be or he could have a worn out blower motor bearing. Needs to replace the blower motor.

Call 2

Julie Stock (Columbus, Ohio) - 1994 Nissan Quest

A heating/cooling question. The heat only works when car is moving. When they stop, after 10 seconds, get cold air. Been doing this for 7 years! Could be a bad heater control valve or thermostat. Also possible that when water pump was changed, guys didn't bleed the system and get all the air out.

Call 3

Eric Schneider (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1991 Mazda Miata MX-5

A question about brakes. Car feels sluggish, doesn't 'glide' like it used to, gas mileage was down on a trip to NYC, it stops if he tries to coast, and he smells burning coming from front wheels. He has a stuck brake caliper on at least one of the front wheels--maybe both. Need to replace brakes, probably not something he wants to do himself if it's his first repair effort.

Call 4

Mark Lafrance (Groton, Connecticut) - 1992 Geo Tracker

engine/sparkplugs. Fiancee's car, he changed the plugs and three months later, #1 cylinder plug flew out. Put it back in, but a month later it flew out again. Been checking it since, but worried it'll happen while she's on the highway. Guys say he didn't tighten the plugs enough--needs to get a torque wrench.

Call 5

Julia Reesa (Austin, Texas)

A questions about maintenance. Parents just bought this for her, she's never owned a car before what does she need to do take care of it? Not much--check the air in the tires, take it in for regular oil changes and have safety stuff looked at. Easier to maintain than a dog.

Call 6

Shawn (Seattle, Washington) - Volkswagen

Speedometer? When he goes over 45 mph, hears a horrible whining noise from the dashboard--drowns out the radio, and he can't carry on a conversation. It's coming from the speedometer--if he disconnects the speedo cable noise will go away, but he'll lose the speedometer, so he needs to get it fixed. Get a new speedometer cable.

Call 7

Deena (, Florida) - 1993 Buick Century

AC--compressor is shot, will cost $500 to replace, she doesn't want to spend it--moving to Ohio so she can live without AC. Can she just take out the compressor, or will that mess up the serpentine belt? It very well might--guys suggest she find a serpentine belt from a Century without AC and put that on.

Call 8

Matthew Mellon (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) - 1995 Toyota 4Runner

A clutch question. He has trouble shifting. One day he couldn't get it into reverse, and has had to force it to go into 1st. Problem is in the clutch--Ray thinks anti chatter spring has gotten caught between flywheel and/or pressure plate and the driven disc. Need to take out the tranny to see what's going on.

Call 9

Ruth Kaiser (Williamsburg, Virginia) - Dodge

Odometer/family dispute about a Dodge Dart. Got new engine put in, with 500 mile warranty. After 200 miles, gave the car to her son. she and husband went away for a week, and when they came back, odomoeter read that 2,000 miles had been put on. Son denies doing it, says odometer is off, husband doesn't believe it could be off by that much. Guys say son may have been joyriding, but it could be the odomoeter, so she should do a test before really accusing the kid.