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#1015: Adios, Amigos!

Original Air Date: 04.10.2010
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Tom and Ray share a few great sayings from Mexican tombstones.

Call 1

Rashad Robinson (Tuscon, Arizona) - 2007 Hyundai Sonata

A question about brakes. When he steps on brakes, car starts to shake. When he gets below 30mph, shaking begins to go away. Sounds like warped disc rotors. Should be covered by his warranty, but if he's been driving too aggressively, dealer may say he caused it. Guys suggest wearing a priest's collar when he takes it ion.

Call 2

Elena Perez (Sacramento, California) - 1986 Ford Tempo

A suspension question. Bought car for $100 from a little old lady. Whenever she goes over a bump, or pothole, car rocks up and down. She wasn't too worried until a friend told her a wheel could fall off. Probably not a wheel falling off, but she does need new shocks, and she needs to get it fixed, because it's dangerous. Also, get the entire car checked for safety stuff.

Call 3

Amy O'Neill Houck (Cordova, Alaska) - Volkswagen Passat

Stump the Chumps. Called 2 years ago because she and her family were moving to Alaska, and she wanted to know if they should take their VW Passat, or dump it for something else. Guys said dump the Passat for something mechanics in Subaru would be more familiar with, like a Subaru. They dumped the Passat, got a Subaru, and love it and Alaska. Right answer.

Call 4

Susan Dawson (Belmont, California) - 1998 Buick Riviera

suspension/engine question? Over the past year it has started to make an odd RRRRRRR noise, that increases the faster you go, and stops when the car stops. Guys think it could be worn our bearings in water pump, alternator, or power steering pump--could also be worn idler pulley or tensioner.

Call 5

Larry Haire (Bogaloosa, Louisiana) - Chevrolet

An engine/idle question. He just rebuilt the engine and transmission. Now it runs great but won't idle--if he's going 40mph, and he takes his foot off the gas, it keeps going 40. It's fuel injected. The throttle might be stuck partially open. Could be a huge vacuum leak, too. Also check the gasket on the intake manifold.

Call 6

LaDonna Appelbaum (St. Louis, Missouri) - 2002 Lexus RX 300

Antenna question. Power antenna, makes clickng noise when she turns on the car--has been getting worse over the last several months. Can she fix on her own? The antenna motor is broken, likely the tape that pulls the antenna down is broken. If it's not the tape, then the problem is the motor. Could just unplug the motor and leave the antenna up.

Call 7

Dennis Harris (Brockton, Massachusetts) - 2002 Volkswagen Passat

An engine/oil question. Was changing temp sensor, accidentally pulled out oil sensor. Thought he fixed it, started driving, oil light came on--he was down two quarts. Shortly after, oil light came on again, he was down two quarts again. Then oil light came on, he kept driving 3-4 miles, and car shut down. He cooked the engine--lack of oil fused parts together. Get a new or rebuilt engine. Also, a lesson--never ignore oil warning light--if it comes on, stop immediately.

Call 8

Ellen (St. Louis, Missouri) - 1993 Honda Civic

A buying question. The car refuses to die, but a lot of the components are falling apart. The locks don't work and the glove compartment fell out. She LOVES this car, and everyone says she will never find a car as well built as this, with as good gas mileage. Guys suggest she move up to an Accord--more professorial, and it'll be smoother, with decent mileage. Sell the Civic to a TA so she can see it around campus.