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#1016: My Own Brother! My Own Son!

Original Air Date: 04.17.2010
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Tom and Ray's son Drew pull a great prank on Ray.

Call 1

Tom Mumford (Bellingham, Washington) - 1995 Plymouth Voyager

A heating/cooling question. Turns on heater, spews out noxious, misty stuff that fogs up windows. Is he going to get sick from breathing it? Yes, he will. It's anti-freeze, leaking out of the heater core. Needs to replace the heater. He can shunt it for the Summer and save up for the repair. But, he needs to fix it, it's bad to breathe this stuff.

Call 2

Christine Filger (, Oregon) - Subaru Outback

An airbags/safety question. She knits in the car, wonders if it's safe to use knitting needles in the passenger front seat with an airbag? Probably not a good idea to be using sharp objects there. Guys suggest sitting in back if she wants to knit, or at least moving the passenger seat as far back as possible.

Call 3

Rachel Bradshaw (, Ohio) - 1998 Plymouth Neon

A question about tires. Front passenger side tire makes a 'sticking' noise, like there's gum stuck to it. Noise gets faster as car speeds up, slows as car slows, and goes away when the car stops. Guys say the noise is the tire coming apart--one ply separating from the ply below it. Dangerous, tire could come apart. Get it fixed ASAP.

Call 4

Peter Werner (Bend, Oregon) - 1996 Nissan 240SX

A clutch/transmission question. He hears a high pitched whining in lower gears. Doesn't hear it over 45 mph. Whine goes way when he steps on the clutch, then returns when he lets off. Likely transmission related--could be pilot beating wearing out, or lowon fluid, but may not be sign of imminent danger. Could make this noise for a while. Check the fluid.

Call 5

Ruth Shaw (, Maryland)

A buying question. She wants to buy grandson new car under 25,000 dollars. She suggested a Mini, but he said it's a chick car. How do you identify a chick car? Guys say there are no clear cut lines, much of it's in the eye of the beholder. They suggest getting him a Honda Element, but don't suggest it beforehand. Take him to Honda dealer and see if he's drawn to it.

Call 6

John McNamara (Washington, District Of Columbia) - 1990 Mazda Miata MX-5

A convertible. This is his mid-life crisis mobile. Concerned about long-term life of hood--is it better to park inside on rainy days or sunny days? Ray thinks sun will likely do more long-term damage, unless the roof leaks--but ultimaely guys say this isn't a big deal, and worrying about it is negating the idea of a mid-life crisis car. Don't worry about it.

Call 7

Heidi Kuvalova (, Michigan) - 1998 Volvo XC70

An engine question. It needs timing belt replacement, husband wants to do it himself--he's a tennis pro, doesn't know much English, not a lot of experience with cars. He says he can follow directions in the book, but he's not big reader, Can he do damage if he messes up? Yes, he can wreck the engine...not a good idea to let him try this. Find a way to distract him, lock him in the basement if necessary, and take it to a real mechanic.