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#1018: The Bozone Layer

Original Air Date: 05.01.2010
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Poorly translated signs from around the world.

Call 1

Mica Williams (San Francisco, California)

An engine/noise question. When she steps on the accelerator, the car makes a really loud chirping noise, 'like a marching band'. Thinks it's coming from right front, and that it doesn't make the noise if the car isn't moving. Recently had new air intake filter put on--that may be the problem. May not fit properly, so air is getting around it, and that's what she's hearing. Could also be intake manifold. Get air intake system checked.

Call 2

Paul Austell (, Georgia)

A suspension question. Driver's side is lower than passenger side. Looks like a big fat dude has been sitting in the driver's seat for 8 years. Shocks, struts? Runs fine. Probably just caused by years of him sitting in the driver's seat, and not a big deal. Small chance it's a broken or worn out spring, so get it checked. Also, pile the gear on the other side of the vehicle in the future.

Call 3

Ilene Cutler (High Falls, New York)

A starting/electrical question. It starts first thing in the morning, but if she drives, then shuts it off, ahs trouble re-starting. Engine cranks, and it usually starts after she releases the key. This car has two sets of points, and the guys think one set is burned out. Tom says he has to remove 2nd set in his Fiat.

Call 4

Jeff (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

AC question. The AC just quit. He tried to put it on, and some 'kind of' cool air came out, but air temp doesn't change if he adjusts knob. Could be a blown fuse, but more likely, he's lost refrigerant. Could be leaky cannister or evaporator, or just age.

Call 5

Frank (Las Vegas, Nevada)

An engine/sensors question. Right after he shifts, if you don't hit the gas in just the right way, the car will stall. He unplugged throttle position sensor and temp sensor, and it seemed to improve. Guys think it could be TPS, but he needs to test it, not just remove it. But, Ray thinks it's more likely to be clogged injectors. Can try taking it into a shop with a Motorvac, or using fuel system cleaner like 44K. Also, test the sensors!

Call 6

Julie Tucker (Benton, Arkansas)

A body/ Easter egg question. 3 year old Grand daughter dropped a wooden Easter egg somewhere down the back of the car. When she went to look for it, she couldn't find it, but she can hear it rolling around. Can try sticking a vacuum nozzle in to suck it out, or look under seat to see if it's in the rails.

Call 7

Joanna Winograd (Brooklyn, New York)

Accelerator pedal question. A couple of times, she's gotten in the car, and the gas pedal has been all the way down to the floor. Tried lifting it, but it sagged back down. If she waits for a few minutes, it's fine. This car has electronic throttle--and that's where the problem likely is, and it likely is unfixable. She needs to take it to the dealer, and ask them to replace it.

Call 8

Anna (South Royalton, Vermont)

A transmission/shifter/brakes/sensor question. It's an automatic, and occasionally she can't get shifter to move out of Park. Tries a bunch of stuff--turning the headlights on and off, thinks pumping the brakes helps. Could be the switch on the brake pedal not sending the signal to allow her to shift. Could also be the solenoid. She should find out where the override is, so if she's parked on a train track, she can shift before she gets run over.

Call 9

Andrew Palatinus (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

A starting/starter motor/ignition question. A newlywed dispute! When it's cold, sometimes the CRV doesn't start right away. When this happens, she holds down the key and cranks and cranks until the engine starts up. Andrew lets the key go, waits for a few moments, and then tries the key again until it starts. Which one is better for the car? Andrew's is better. She's overheating the starter motor, too.