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#1019: Dad Can't Smell A Thing!

Original Air Date: 05.08.2010
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Tom and Ray share a classic joke-- the story of the magician and the parrot.

Call 1

Sandy Bartholomew (Hyde Park, New York)

ac/engine question. The noise that sounds 'like she needs a muffler', but coming from in front of her. She only hears it when she's moving, and only when she's going home from work, not to work. She thinks it's AC related. She also had a front-end collision in January. Guys think she damaged the cooling fan, and the noise is it hitting its shroud.

Call 2

Barry (, Michigan)

A question about bugs/windshield. He gets an abundance of bugs stuck to his windshield, has to clean it at least once a day. Wife says it's because he drives too fast, but he thinks driving fast should make the bugs go over the top of the car. He's wrong--more aerodynamic cars are more bug-friendly. He needs to slow down, or try a bug deflector, which will also make car less aerodynamic.

Call 3

Michrie Dahl (, California)

An engine question She put in a new engine herself, and used the old valve covers. Now, valve covers are leaking, and she's getting smoke. Boyfriend's Dad said try silicone. Her Dad said that's a bad idea. Her Dad is right--don't put silicone in there. What's wrong is, valve covers don't fit new engine properly--maybe because she installed them wrong. Now, covers need to be replaced. Get them from a Toyota dealer.

Call 4

Scott Sanford (, New York)

A clutch quesetion. He drives 50 miles to work, last 20 in stop-and-go traffic. Towards end of drive, gets harder to shift into first, by the time he gets to work, it's really hard to get into reverse. Was told he needs a new clutch. Ray thinks it's the pilot bearing, if this car has one. Otherwise, it could be the hydraulics. In either case, he's getting a new clutch.

Call 5

Michelle (, Illinois)

A starting question. The car was in an accident, got it back from body shop, had trouble starting. Discovered she could get lights on and get it to start by rocking back and forth. Guys said the problem was in the battery circuit, maybe a loose connection. Right answer!

Call 6

Sarah Pritchett (, New Jersey)

A heating/cooling question. She went away for weekend and left car with husband and sons, now it smells like urine, smell gets worse when she turn on the AC. She accused them of having a peeing contest on the car, but they denied it. Guys think they're innocent. She's got a plugged evaporator, and what she's smelling is mold developing. Get draisn unplugged and try Fridgi-Fresh for the smell.

Call 7

Greg (Columbus, Georgia)

An engine question. He went to car wash, they suggested he get engine steam cleaned, to get grime off. He's worried that might damage engine by getting water in bad places, but he's wondering if a clean engine is important. Guys say, don't do it...engines always get dirty, and you'll do more harm by getting water in a bad place.

Call 8

Vladimir Barascov (, Minnesota)

A question about brakes/suspension. When he brakes, it occasionaly jerks, back and forth. Doesn't happen all the time, and the brakes work. Ray thinks he's got warped rotors on both front brakes--occasionally they are in sync, so he doesn't feel it. Get brakes checked.

Call 9

Ronnie Liederman (, Florida)

A questions about buying/color of car/marital dispute. She's always owned white cars, went to dealer and was looking at a black car. Husband said she's crazy, it'll be much hotter in Florida. Dealer said AC will even out the temp in .7 seconds, but dealer had already sold the white car. Guys say husband is right--black exterior car will be hotter than a white car, and AC will help, but will hurt gas mileage, etc.