Show Rundown

#1020: Meet Van Dweller, Junior

Original Air Date: 05.15.2010
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a unique serenity prayer.

Call 1

Kristin Foster (Holliston, Massachusetts) - 2004 Toyota Sienna

A suspension/wheels question. Her car is making a sound at slow speeds, she thinks it's coming from right rear wheel. Sounds like, "cup cup cup cup". Doesn't always happen. Probably something in the tire, or deformation of the tread. If there's a foreign object, don't pull it out-you might get a flat. Have it repaired at a shop.

Call 2

Mark Martinez (Turlock, California) - 2000 Cadillac DTS

An engine/oil question. Younger brother Ernie sold him this car and for past 4 months, it's burning through 2.5-3 quarts a month. No smoke or leaks, no oil coming out of the bottom or side of the engine. Ray said he should start checking oil weekly, and Tommy says someone driving behind him might see the smoke. Likely his brother gave him a 'good old fashioned shafting'

Call 3

Sammy Shecter (New York, New York) - 2001 Subaru Forester

A buying/leasing question. A manhold cover exploded under her car in NYC. Mech said car is totaled, insurance company gave her $6k to replace it. So should she look for another used Forester or lease a new Subaru? Guys think she's a good candidate for Zipcar and could pocket the $6,000. Leasing is expensive and they deduct for every little scratch. she can also rent a car for weekend trips.

Call 4

Steve Miller (San Francisco, California) - 2007 Mazda Mazda5

An engine/oil question. After many years of wanting to be a DIY car guy, he finally tried to change the oil in his car. So he got the oil out, but he couldn't get the filter off! He drilled a hole in the plastic cover. Guys say that cover should unbolt--he can try it again. It is tough to get access to filters.

Call 5

Tara McGovern (Lyme, New Hampshire) - 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon

Stump the Chumps! She is having a child with the infamous "van dweller" Curtis. Since the van is such an important part of their relationship their think the baby should be named "Van" or something with van in the name. She hates the idea, Curtis thinks it's hysterical. The guys like the idea and want to ask listeners to help name it.

Call 6

Corinna Robbins (Denver, Colorado) - 2004 Subaru Legacy

A blinker/electrical question. Her husband crashed into her car, and did damage to headlights, bumper, front quarter panel. Now blinker goes at double time. Brought it in to mechanic, said she needs entire new front wiring harness for $1100, because Subaru doesn't have pigtails. Repair the harness by going to a junkyard and buy that piece of the harness that is needed. Cut it off and splice it in. Should cost no more than a few hundred dollars.

Call 7

Joshua Hatch (Arlington, Virginia) - 1994 Mazda Miata MX-5

ethical/maintenance question. He is sharing cars with his dad (the Miata and a '00 Lincoln LS.) Dad lives in Ohio and they switch every summer, so Dad drives the Miata and he gets the Lincoln. The Lincoln has snow tires, AC doesn't work, brakes are soft and muffler has a hole. So what should he fix? Guys think he needs to get new, cheap-ish tires for the summer, fix the AC and brakes. Getting the Lincoln fixed up and saving Dad time might mean Dad will pay for it. At least he can know he gave the car back to Dad in good condition.