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#1021: Tommy vs. The Marital Industrial Complex

Original Air Date: 05.22.2010
Show Open Topic

Age-activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

Call 1

Sarah Tuhy (, Iowa) - 1997 Ford Taurus

A body repair question. Her car is all beat up from parking in the student garage--saw an ad for a $20 device that promises to remove dents. Will it work? Worth trying? Guys say to give it shot--it's only 20 bucks, and even if it doesn't work, she'll get some laughs.

Call 2

Byron Pavano (Boston, Massachusetts) - 1996 Toyota Pickup

A pre-marital marital dispute with fiancee over what vehicle to use for their wedding day departure. She wants to rent a luxury car, h wants to use his Tacoma pick-up. Guys tell him he's up against the 'marital industrial complex', and should give in. Go for the Rolls.

Call 3

Rachel Bowman (Memphis, Tennessee) - 1988 Toyota Camry

An engine question. Her car 'shakes'--runs rough when she accelerates, worse at slower speeds and when idling--even stalled on her once. Tried changing air and fuel filters, new plugs, and fuel injector cleaner--none helped. Guys say it's one or more of her spark plug wires. Car is running on only 3 (or fewer) cylinders. Get new wires.

Call 4

Susan Houghton (, Massachusetts) - Toyota 4Runner

Noise--like 'peepers', little frogs. She thinks it's coming from rear, left side. Happens when she starts the car, doesn't change with car speed, and sometimes takes a long as 45 minutes to go away. Guys say it's a belt that needs replacing.

Call 5

Steve Agis (Farallon Islands, California)

A heating/cooling question. He's working on an island, researching seabirds. They use a tractor trailer cab heater to create their hot water--it died, so they can't shower. They have limited parts. Guys think it may just be a stuck commutator and easy to fix.

Call 6

Greg Krupa (, Michigan) - 1993 Mazda Miata MX-5

An engine question. The engine has 1-3 oil leaks. One mechanic told him, rear seal, but wouldn't guarantee the job because the car is so old--suggested he put 'shmuz' in there to hold it for a while. Other mech said it was three seals, and would replace them all for 900 dollars. Tom and Ray say to wait until he needs a new engine (which could be any day), because seals require taking out the engine, might as well do everything at once.

Call 7

Mary Cronin (, Wisconsin) - Ford

Stump the Chumps. It's a question about her shifter and/or transmission. She has to shift into reverse before it will go into drive. Ray said her tranny was cooked, Tommy said it might just be the tranny fluid. She tried a different tranny fluid and it worked! Right answer for Tommy!

Call 8

Bill Strubble (, California) - Ford Festiva

A question about a flood... with some guilt, too. He was driving a rental car, slept in it, woke up and it had rolled into a lake. Got it out, and tried to dry everything. Car ran, but he didn't tell the rental company. Now he's worried car will die on next customer. Should he fess up? Tom and Ray say he should, just because it's the right thing to do, but he probably didn't do any long-term damage to the car.