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#1025: A Horse Ate My Steering Wheel

Original Air Date: 06.19.2010
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What happens when God sends an angel to earth. Tommy shares an especially lame joke.

Call 1

Jayne Bell (Columbus, Ohio) - 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass

An engine question. She's losing oil, but can't find an obvious leak. Needs to add 1 quart every 200 miles. Tom and Ray say she's probably burning it, and only real fix is to rebuild the engine. She can try a different oil--20 W50 may help, or one of the many fine additives. Also check to make sure there's no leak at oil pressure switch.

Call 2

Tim Carty (Boston, Massachusetts) - 1990 Audi quattro

A starting question. When car is cold, conks out when he starts it. Needs to give it a lot of gas to keep it running. Gets better as car warms, problem usually goes away after 15-20 minutes. Tom and Ray think it's likely the coolant temp sensor sending a bad signal, but amount of time involved is perplexing. Might be vacuum, but wouldn't last that long.

Call 3

Anne Kay (Wimberly, Texas) - 2002 Mazda Protege

A steering wheel question. Her cowboy husband borrowed car and a horse ate a few chunks out of her steering wheel. Does she have to replace everything, or just the steering wheel? Ray thinks she may be able to keep the pod and airbag, and just replace the wheel, but get a professional to do it, and try to get the horse (or its owner) to pay.

Call 4

Eileen Shields (San Francisco, California) - Volkswagen

A tachometer question. Her mechanic wants to put a tach on her car, says it will make engine last forever. Will it really help, or is he just trying to finance his vacation? Tach can help, so you don't shift too soon or too early, but not absolutely necessary. Should be cheap, only about $100.

Call 5

Andy Scoriselli (Sitka, Alaska) - 1979 Toyota Pickup

Stump the Chumps: Engine making weird surging noises when cold. Tom and Ray said secondary throttle was stuck, try loosening it with a screwdriver. He did, problem got better. Right answer, now he needs to get it fixed.

Call 6

Laura Churchill (, New York) - 1995 Subaru Legacy

A gas gauge question. It fluctuates wildly, and she can't put more than 6 gallons of gas in without pump shutting off. Mechanic said it was sending unit $450 to replace. Cheaper fix? She can try experimenting, use trip odometer to see how far she can get on a tank. But if repair estimate includes a new fuel pump, go for the repair, because pump is probably ready to go.

Call 7

Grant Brockmeyer (, Washington) - 1983 Volvo 240

A marital/electrical question. Marriage counselor suggested he call to resolve dispute. Wife says he's ruining the cars' points by sitting and listening to the radio while she shops. Is he? No, because these cars don't have points. How can he break it to her? Tom says to lie, say he got points removed as her birthday present because she was right. Ray says be honest, but try to meet her half-way by going shopping with her.

Call 8

Jessica (Bloomington, Indiana) - 1992 Volkswagen Jetta

An electric question. She gets a terrible shock when she puts her key in the ignition. She thinks it may be because she has big hair. Tom thinks it's happening because she's sliding across the fabric seats while wearing polyester...suggests she try cotton. Ray thinks non-conductive rubber on tires may be part of problem.