Show Rundown

#1027: What's a Soul Go for These Days?

Original Air Date: 07.03.2010
Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a list of titles of unpublished kids' books-- and unpublished for a good reason!

Call 1

Tina Slenk (Long Beach, California) - 1997 Honda Civic

A question about her brakes. She left her car in neutral coming down mountain, and the brakes got baked. Are they glazed?

Call 2

Gerry Marshall (Estes Park, Colorado) - 1991 Pontiac Sunbird

A question about his convertible top. The motor doesn't work. He can take a stick and pound on the motor and eventually it works. He has an elaborate ballet now to get the top up and down. Can he replace the motor or fix it? Tom and Ray say to replace it--he should be able to find one at a junkyard.

Call 3

Klaus Abels (, Connecticut) - 1994 Saturn SL

A suspension question. On sharp lefts, makes noise from right front wheel area. The noise varies with the speed of the car. Answer: a classic case of a bad CV joint.

Call 4

Jessica Tanner (, Oregon) - 1996 Volkswagen Jetta

A heating/cooling question. heating/cooling. The fan runs after the car shuts off. It's begun making strange 'dying animal' noise, and then rattles off into silence. Problem is cooling fan--may just be a piece hitting the shroud, or fan could be dying. If it's the latter, he can try getting one from a junkyard.

Call 5

Dave (, Utah) - 1999 Toyota Tacoma

A suspension question for Stump the Chumps. When it's loaded in the back it shakes back and forth like the golden gate bridge. Tom and Ray said it was a tire issue--Tom backed off now, but it ended up being the right answer.

Call 6

Marion Rosenbaum (, New York) - 1992 Toyota Corolla

An electrical question. During rain, especially misty rain, car often dies. It won't start--no crank, no noise. The car has a defogger cut-off switch--mechanic disabled it, replaced battery and alternator, she still has he problem. Tom and Ray think it's the starter, and that the defogger is a red herring.

Call 7

Mary (, Minnesota) - 1994 Honda Accord

An ethical question about selling her car with a bad water pump. The dealer says she needs to replace water pump, other mechanic says leak is very small. Should she get it fixed before selling, not get it fixed, but tell a prospective buyer about it, or say nothing? Ray says to divulge the problem, Tom says to get it fixed.

Call 8

Jeff (Sacramento, California) - 1995 Mercury Sable

A steering question. At around 90 degrees, he hears a rolling marble crunching sound in power steering assembly. Ray thinks it's a seized universal joint.

Call 9

Max Bazerman (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

A Harvard Business School professor, calling to help solve Mary's selling ethics dilemma. Suggests third option--she tells prospective buyer about water pump, and offers to get it fixed herself if they agree to buy the car.