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#1029: The Pep's Lincoln

Original Air Date: 07.17.2010
Show Open Topic

The Pep's Lincoln. Tom and Ray share a story about their friend Pepe's wife smashing Pepe's Lincoln and not telling him... for 15 years.

Call 1

Kate Hausbeck (Las Vegas, )

A question about brakes. When the temperature goes over 103 degrees, the brakes slip. Her foot goes all the way to the ground and car lurches/ sneaks forward. Took it to mechanics, they looked at her like she was crazy, said nothing was wrong. Tom and ray think it's a classic case of a bad brake master cylinder, and it's dangerous. Go back to shop and demand they check the brakes.

Call 2

Yusuf Mohamed (Flowery Branch, )

An engine/spark plugs question. Truck was running rough, so he decided to change the plugs. New plugs didn't fit within specs, so despite instructions saying not to re-gap them, he did. Did he damage the engine? Probably not. He probably got the wrong plugs. Needs to check against a cross-reference chart. Also possible that a dirty injector is causing the rough running, not the plugs. Put in some fuel injector cleaner.

Call 3

Ralph Armstrong (Monroe, )

His car is making a tapping/clicking sound. It's rhythmic, like a clock, and is coming from under the dash. Lasts for 20 seconds after he starts the car, and after he shuts car off. No power antenna. Probably a loose or stuck vacuum door in the heating/cooling. Easy to reach under dash and check.

Call 4

Nigel Cox (Los Angeles, )

A fuel/mileage/towing question. She and her boyfriend are moving from California to North Carolina. They're driving her F-150. Boyfriend wants to tow a '78 Camaro. How will it affect the mileage? Hard to do? Yes, it will affect the mileage, but less than driving two vehicles. Easy to tow. Rent a tow-bar from U-Haul and practice before the trip.

Call 5

Jeremy Hilton (, )

A question about getting carsick. He and his wife just had twins, went to test drive wagons--Subaru and Passat. Got carsick in the Passat, realized he gets carsick in all VW's. Guys think it's related to then plastic on the dashboard. Ray notes he gets this from BMW's. Jeremy should just get the Subaru.

Call 6

Jill Boschini (, )

An engine question. It sounds like Frankenstein- makes groaning noise when she put it into 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear. Goes away in 4th and when she steps on the clutch and shifts to neutral. The transmission is on its way out--could just be out of oil, so check that first. Could also do this for a long time, but eventually she'll likely need a new transmission or a new car.

Call 7

Craig Britton (San Pedro, )

He just moved to Southern California, single guy, but he bought a minivan, mostly for work-- he's a painter. How can he sex it up so minivan won't turn off women, or may help get him a date? Tom and Ray suggest painting something--an 'I'm desperate' sign, or flowers. They decide that womens' perspective needed. We'll post the question on the web site.

Call 8

Karen King (Gloucester, )

A question about art and cars. She has a thing for beach glass- wants to cover a VW Beetle with it. Needs to know whether it would be a safety hazard. Tom and Ray suggest trying a small piece of the car at first, using Gorilla Glue.