Show Rundown

#1030: The New Delhi Catessens

Original Air Date: 07.24.2010
Show Open Topic

Rejected international sports team names.

Call 1

David Mitchell (, Georgia)

An exhaust question. The floorboard gets hot when he drives for an extended period. Tom and Ray think it's exhaust escaping, rushing upwards. Could be a leak, a crack, or a piece of heat shield gone. He should address it--the carpe could catch on fire!

Call 2

Deborah Ships (, Ohio)

A starting question. The car won't start unless she turns wheel all the way to the right. No sound, dashboard lights come on. Tom thinks it's a loose wire tot he battery. Ray thinks she has a bad ignition switch. If she doesn't fix it, eventually the car won't start even if the wheel is turned.

Call 3

Devon Greyson (, Michigan)

A question about animals. She lives in the woods, animals keep getting in her car and eating stuff--a possum ate through her fuel line. Mechanic said to try mothballs, but they make car smell bad, and she's worried about her 6-month old. How to keep animals away? Ray suggests predator urine--like from a bobcat, or building a garage. Ultimately, Tom and Ray decide to post the question on the web site, and get suggestions from listeners.

Call 4

Jimmy Hendryk (Virginia, Minnesota)

An engine question. The car smokes and drips a little water on startup. Also smells like burnt garlic coming from the tailpipe. Clears after a few minutes. Tom and ray think the choke isn't opening wide enough, so engine is running rich, burning carbon. Try opening the choke manually to see if problem goes away.

Call 5

Sara Falls (, California)

Oil change question. Fantastic boyfriend, but he changed her oil and left cap off. Drove hundreds of miles in the dirt and car started acting funny. Did he wreck her engine? Depends on how much oil he put in--if it's only a quart, probably no damage--if it's four, engine may be cooked, and she should dump him!

Call 6

Emily (Salt Lake City, Utah)

A question about mechanics. She's moving from Utah to New Hampshire, wants to give her mechanic a farewell 'thank you' without it seeming like a date. Tom and Ray suggest sending food to the garage--Chinese food or pizza.

Call 7

Dottie Kruse (, Minnesota)

Tire pressure question. Her husband says he can't get an accurate tire pressure reading while she's sitting in the car. Is he nuts? Yes, he's nuts, unless she weighs as much as the car. Her weight makes no difference.

Call 8

Brian Moran (Seattle, Washington)

A brake question. He's warping rotors every 30,000 miles. Is it his wife's driving? She does most of the driving in this, while he has a Lexus convertible. Tom and Ray think she may be doing it, because she's angry about being stuck with the minivan and kids while he gets the convertible. They suggest he buy her a necklace to ameliorate the situation.